Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review

Today Derrick and I wrap up our busiest year to date. Even busier then the year we got married which we thought would be hard to top. Here are all of our accomplishments, activities, and impactful moments of the year!

5 Weddings (In four of them)
4 Rehearsal Dinners
1 Baby Shower
1 New niece
1 Anniversary Party hosted
1 House purchase and therefore 1 move
1 Thanksgiving Dinner Hosted
4 Bachelorette Parties
3 Bridal Showers
5 Frisbee Tournaments
3 Bachelor Parties
19 Houses closed
1 Great Urban Race
1 Cross Country Vacation
1 New Car

We think this next year will slow down a bit...but that's what we thought this time last year.  We already have a couple weddings and a European trip next year so bring it on 2015!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dirty Santa and Ellie Christmas

Every year we draw names with Derrick's family for gifts and also have a dirty Santa ornament exchange. It's always nice because his whole family gets together for food and gifts and it's always a lot of fun. This year we did it the Saturday before Christmas.

Ellie was the star of the show, as usual. How cute are her fuzzy boots!

Derrick and I brought a Repunzel Disney ornament. Trey picked that one and after he opened it he swore we were ruining his life. <cue evil laugh>

UNC fans....we're working on it. Derrick and I plan on bringing Ellie over to the side of the Wolfpack.

This was Derrick's gift from Kevin from the name draw. It's a bouldering chalk bucket which can sit on the floor while you're bouldering. I think he liked it :)

Derrick and I plotted and schemed during the dirty Santa ornament exchange and ended up with the two best ornaments. It helped that we drew numbers right next to each other and were able to steal from each other to lock them in. I love our two monsters! I also love this picture of us, it's one of my favorite to date.

The next day we celebrated Ellie's first Christmas. Kevin, Leanna, and Ellie flew down to Florida for Christmas day so we weren't able to see them on Christmas morning so we celebrated her first Christmas a couple days early. She's only 6 months old but is totally into ripping the paper and unwrapping.

This is the outfit we got Ellie for Christmas. It has cute tutu pants and is super adorable on her.


Leanna and Kevin got Derrick and I the game Heads Up. It was developed by Ellen Degeneres and I am now obsessed with it! We played a lot when we went home to Hickory. Ellie just chilled out on Derrick's lap while we played a round after presents. Derrick said he forgot she was there sometimes because she was being so still!

Both Christmas celebrations were so great. They really got us in the Christmas spirit as we headed to my parent's house in Hickory. I love that we can look forward to this every year and I am excited for Ellie to be even more into Christmas next year! It's gonna get wild!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Card Bloopers

Our Christmas card this year was one of my favorites so far! We always give Crosby a starring role and this year was no exception!

How cute is she!!! Here are some of the bloopers though because those are always the best!

This was our second choice for the front because it's hilarious.

This one makes me laugh because Derrick is doing exactly what I told him to do with his hand but totally not what I meant. Otherwise this could have been the one!

I hope you loved the card as much as we did! I don't know how we'll top it next year!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Vacation!

Christmas break has started!! I know there isn't really such thing as Christmas break anymore but I had my last closing of the year yesterday and by my calculations that's #19 on the year and I'm celebrating! I've been kind of stressed out for the past two weeks but now I feel like I'm walking on clouds and I'm enjoying every second of it!

Date night this week was Christmas shopping. Derrick told me that I wasn't aloud to spend anytime thinking about gifts for anyone. He said I'd been too stressed out and he would take care of it. That was AWESOME! He knew exactly what we were getting and had the best ideas. I think I'm going to pretend to be stressed out every Holiday season so he offers this service every year!

Today will consist of wrapping, picking up a couple last minute gifts, and getting my house back in order. I can't believe Christmas is 1 week from today!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Shirts and Christmas Parties

It's Christmas time!! One week from Thursday. That is so crazy and we are SO not ready. Date night this week is going to be Christmas shopping.  We had our annual gift exchange with all of Derrick's friends on Friday and it was a great time. Derrick and I made the most awesome shirts ever!

When I told my Mom about these shirts she said: "He is really good to you." Especially when she found out that those are his hand and foot prints on the shirts :)

We have tried a couple different things with this gift exchange. We've done white elephant gifts, themed gifts, and this year we decided to that each couple would draw another couple and give gifts to that couple. We exchanged gifts, roasted marshmallows, and played games for the evening. It was really fun.

Holly and Alexander drew our name and got Crosby a present too that we let her open when we got home.

We also got pickle ball paddles and went out to play on Sunday afternoon. The only thing I really knew about pickle ball was that it's popular among older people. It's kind of a mix of tennis and badminton? Whatever it is, it is SO fun and I am SO bad! I'll get better though!

Seriously though, Christmas is a week from Thursday. I have a lot to do...why am I blogging!? Christmas cards just got here so I am getting my address on!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This year's tree!

Last week on date night Derrick, Crosby, and I headed out to get our Christmas tree. We went to the same lot we went to last year and I love it. It's super close to our house but on the other side of the main highway so it feels secluded and they string lights over everything to make it look magical!

Those pictures stink. It's better in person, just take my word for it!

We knew exactly what we wanted this year. Do you remember Harry from last year? I really liked the different type of needles and Derrick really liked that I was happy with our tree :) I also knew that I wanted a really big tree because it was our first chance now that we're in a house. They had four to choose from. Three were really short and then they had this gigantic one!

The little one next to it was $40 and the giant one didn't have a price so I asked the guy. He asked if we got a tree last year (yes) and how much we wanted to pay....$40? I had a very hard time playing it cool and casually saying, "sure, that will work" when I really wanted to back flip through the lot and strap the tree to the car myself before he could change his mind!

We had them lop about a foot off of it so it would fit in our house and then we bought a tree stand and a wreath and called it a night!

Demon Crosby

Even after we took a foot off the bottom Derrick still had to trim the top.

Thank goodness the branches have fallen since this. Crosby had no problem laying underneath the tree without

So now our house is looking a little cheery! I definitely don't have Christmas stuff everywhere. It's going to take us a while to add to our collection but I try to get something new every year. Please ignore our tree topper. The tree is too tall so it doesn't fit so it's just sitting on some branches in front :)

This is my something new!! I got 4 of these lanterns at an estate sale for about $2 a piece and I spray painted them red and put those battery flickery candles in them. They sit on the front porch when it's not raining and I love them!