Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Weekend Tidbits

Derrick and I had an awesome week and weekend! Here's an overview for you.

The biggest event was Claire and Travis came into town for their baby shower and stayed with us all weekend. It was awesome because we got some real hang out time. They usually stay with us when they come into town but they have to spread themselves out with visits to other friends and family. Since they were seeing everybody at the baby shower we got a lot of time together. We mostly ate delicious cookies and played our Harry Potter game all weekend. It's been fun to be pregnant together and call each other with "is this normal?" questions. They'll be back down for Thanksgiving with their new daughter and Furnace should be a couple weeks old at that point too. I can't wait!

In other exciting news, we ordered our nursery glider. I've been going back and forth on it but, in the end, I couldn't get this one out of my mind. This is the floor model and we ordered a different color but it should be here in six weeks. Once it here we can start finalizing the nursery.

Our friends Joey and Kristin gave us some awesome hand-me-downs for the first year. We have a few other people that have offered hand-me-downs as well so I think Furnace is going to be set in the clothing department for the first year. I loved going through and sorting everything.

Lastly, I started physical therapy last week and have had two sessions so far. I have another session tomorrow morning. She told me that my right lower back is extremely tight and has given me a lot of stretches to do as well as prescribed massage and a heating pad. The good news is everybody likes massage but the bad news is it's going to be more symptom management for the next three months instead of actually being able to heal and/or change anything. I had the first trimester pretty easy so this is my penance. I've figured out a few ways to manage it and exercise is one of them so Derrick and I have been playing lots of pickle ball. There is something about a pregnant belly that makes my pickle ball skills look more impressive....I've never been noticed at the courts so much.

Furnace has been moving like CRAZY this week. I don't know when he sleeps. He's up all night and most of the day. I love feeling him move but I'm a little concerned we're going to have a wild child on our hands. We're going to have to come up with some strategies to tire him out once he gets here...I think he's going to keep us on our toes.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

24 Hour Beach Trip

Last weekend Derrick and I hopped in the car for a 24 hour trip to the beach. Our friend Michael has a family beach house that we were invited to. Derrick had practice on Saturday morning so we couldn't get there until Saturday at dinner time but it was nice to embrace the spontaneity since we won't have that option for much longer. 

The house is awesome and only a block from the beach. Michael and Rebecca came with their dogs and Kevin and Meredith were there with Chloe who is almost two! I can't believe it! 

Crosby gets along amazingly with their two pups so it's always stress free to bring her along when they are there. They are going to be staying with us for two weeks in August so Crosby is going to be getting plenty of play time coming up. 

Since it's during the peak season, we had to get to the dogs off the beach by 8 AM so we got up early to go on a sunrise stroll and let the dogs enjoy the water. Derrick and Michael walked out to a sand bank and Crosby had to swim to get there.

I was thinking that we don't have many pictures together with the bump so I made a point to get one on the beach. Our family of three photos are numbered so I'm happy to have this one.

This about sums up Crosby's feelings Monday and Tuesday after we got back. So Sleepy!!!

Claire and Travis are driving up tomorrow for their baby shower and I'm so excited to see them and get to talk baby all weekend with Claire. I'm sure it will get me excited for our showers too!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Growing and Symptoms

We took the picture and it was only 2 days late this week. I'm definitely feeling bigger all around even though I know....."Just Wait."  It's going to get way worse and I'm going to get WAY bigger. I just feel myself putting on weight all over right now which never feels good. I'm trying to stay active and eat semi-healthy though so it is what it is! 

A couple symptoms that no one warned me about:

I'm spending money like crazy! Everything is so cute and I'm trying really hard not to buy anymore clothes until after my showers but it's hard! And putting his nursery together has me being super spendy as well.

I spill things on myself all. the. time.  I have definitely gotten clumsier and not in the balance/tripping way that I expected. It's like my hands can't function normally without sending something flying across the room or spilling all over my clothes.

Birth story addiction. I downloaded a new podcast that has birth stories and I've been listening to it everywhere I go. I haven't been as into reading books to get prepared but this has been very informative and it's filling me in on all the craziness that can happen. Luckily it hasn't been scaring me too much...I mean there is no going back now!

Pregnancy is weird.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

24 Weeks

Furnace hit 24 weeks yesterday and we forgot to take a bump shot...again. We'll try to snag one tonight but I'm not making any promises!

I'm still feeling relatively good but my lower back is definitely starting to ache and I'm having a lot of rib pain. Furnace seems to settle into my upper right side and it gets really uncomfortable, especially if I'm sitting for more than 30 minutes or so. It's been happening since Memorial Day but I just figured out what I think it is.

At 24 weeks he's the size of a cantelope or an American Puffin! In other words, he's gigantic and is apparently looking more human. We can only hope.

The crib and dresser are up and looking good! The crib is held together with 8 bolts...that's it! It seems sturdy but it was unnervingly easy to assemble. Derrick and I have nominated Furnace to weight test it for us. Let's hope it holds ;)

I did not think we'd end up with a matching furniture set..I like the more eclectic look but, when we decided on a navy blue crib I thought it would look better for them to be the same navy.

We got the smaller dresser chest and it's the perfect size. It was also fairly easy to assemble and is very sturdy. We still need to anchor it to the wall but we're going to wait until we get more in here to make sure everything is in position before anchoring the dresser and hanging the mobile.

We've already gotten some great hand me downs and I still have to restrain myself in the baby clothes section but I did grab this outfit off of a buy sell trade listing on Facebook. It was only $5 for the set and is totally adorable!

And I don't think I've posted these pillows that Alison made for us yet. Look at that custom Raleighwood fabric! The symbols are kind of an inside joke, or would take too long to explain on here but they are PERFECT and we love them!

Slowly but surely we're getting ready. I've cleaned out the kitchen and garage and I'm slowly taking piles of stuff to goodwill. The nursery has a ways to go but should come together quickly once we figure out art and the glider situation. 

Three and a half months! He'll be here before we know it!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

July Fourth!!!

I was in Hickory for a few days over the fourth of July. Derrick had to stay behind for work which is always a bummer but it was nice to get home and hang with family for a while. My parents just got a new jet ski and Dad perfected Crosby's ramp so we got a ton of lake time which was awesome. 

Before I got there Mom grabbed this picture of Dad and Jack towing the jet ski home. It sucked up a rope while dad was riding it and stranded him a mile down the road....not a great start but a good story :)

When I got there I suited up and jumped right in the water. Crosby got to try the ramp that Dad made her for Christmas for the first time. It was a learning process but she really caught on pretty quickly.

When we woke up on Tuesday morning Dad and I worked on the ramp for a few more hours to add buoyancy and support.

Here's a video of her using it! It took some training to get her to use it both up and down but she loved it and it wore her out!

On the fourth the family came over for a cookout and fireworks.

On the baby front, everybody got to feel Furnace move over the weekend and we did some glider shopping! The family is very excited which makes the whole thing even more exciting. It's crazy to think he'll be 7 or 8 months old next July 4!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nursery Progress

We have started nursery progress and it feels great to have some of the more tedious  parts of the makeover done. We decided on the pink room because it gets the best natural light and it's on the opposite side of the house from the TVs and entertaining rooms. It's looked like this for the past 3 years....pink with a bed and a couple nightstands. It worked perfectly for an extra sleeping spot and we never bothered to paint it assuming it would get turned into a nursery someday anyway. 

The closet is a pretty basic wall closet with one long shelf across the top so we decided to see what we could do to maximize that space as well. The long, high bar doesn't bode well for a small kid hopefully putting his own clothes away one day.

Boy or girl the room was going to get painted. We went with a light grey called Fog and it has the slightest blue tint that I think will work well with the crib. For the closet, we decided to have a little fun and picked a subtle lime green called Lettuce Alone.

Here's the room as it currently stands. That's the crib in the box on the right. 


I think it turned out great and I like that it's a little more light than our other grey rooms. It feels more nursery to me. 

And here is the closet! We explored some of those fancy Elfa built-in systems for closets but they were several hundred dollars before installation. Not something we wanted to spend that much dough on. While at Lowes this past week I saw a flash sale on the rubbermaid closet system for our size closet so for only $89 plus the cost of two drawers we got this whole system. 

It was really easy to install and customize and Alison helped me with the layout and install. It was a tad tedious but I LOVE it and I'm really excited to have a more functional closet.

The crib and dresser are here in boxes and some of the art has arrived as well. Now that the bones of the room are ready I think the rest is going to come together pretty quickly. Good thing too because we're down to 4 months before go-time. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Fun Friday

Lots of random updates today. First off, HUGE news in the Marcey household. No...I'm not pregnant again, this is even bigger. Our fridge has water! Ever since we moved in we've had a trickle out of our in-door fridge water. You can stand there for 5 minutes and get half a glass if you're lucky.  We've gotten used to tap water and it's fine but when our ice maker died a couple weeks ago we had the appliance guys out to fix both. Best $$ I've ever spent! I love having fridge water!!

Week 20 is here! We are halfway through this pregnancy and that makes it feel really real. We've been feeling him a lot this week and I'm hopeful Derrick will get to feel him more consistently soon. He's still hit or miss on whether or not he can feel him but my stomach moved on it's own a couple nights ago so he's definitely getting stronger.

Here, I look bigger without legs and you can read the sign better. I realize that sign is kind of hard to see.....the hashtag is #whoawere1/2waythere . We'll have to try to zoom that in for future weeks.

Next update, this is a pretty awesome article by our friend Hart Matthews on ultiworld. It's about his perspective on nationals and he gave a nice little shout out to Jack, and me! I had goosebumps reading the entire thing.


Finally, I started nesting a little backwards but it's definitely happening I think. I woke up yesterday with an empty calendar and decided to give the yellow room a one-day makeover. The yellow room is our least used room and should be pretty low on the priority list. We decided that instead of losing a guest bed we'd just put two beds in the yellow room. You'd be amazed how often all three guestbeds are full and we figured, with Furnace on the way, we needed room to sleep family when they came to visit.

Here's a picture on moving day. It's a bright yellow but the room only has one window so it doesn't get much light and the light fixture shade is also dark. It evolved to have a bed and nightstands but was also mostly storage.

I had no intention of touching this room until it needed to house #2 but yesterday it got a makeover on a whim.  We moved the pink room bed into here and rotated both beds against the back wall with a nightstand in between. Everything got a coat of Rocky Bluffs which is the same color in our dining room and I got matching bedding for both beds.

There is no art on the walls and that may or may not change but it's a much better second guest room then the yellow with mismatched bedding was. In my head, this had to come before we could move out of the pink room which will be the nursery....so it counts as nesting I think.

Next up, nursery, hall bathroom, and craft room. The craft room just needs to get safe because it's currently a death trap. The bathroom has really only ever been used for Crosby baths so I just want to freshen that up and, if I can do the yellow room in a day I feel like the bathroom will be easy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dining Room Update

The dining room got a bit of a spruce up in the past month. There is a matching hutch for the dining room table that we've discussed bringing up but I've always been more of a fan of the gathered over time look then the matching set look so I've been casually looking for something to add storage to the back wall. With Furnace on the way....have I mentioned that's what we call the baby?...I knew we needed to clear out some cabinet space to make room for baby stuff so I started looking a bit harder. 

I found these gorgeous cabinets at Target! I don't always trust Target furniture but they were pretty, sturdy, and had great reviews! I bought two to go side by side and I love how they look. 

Ignore the giant 5000 piece puzzle on the dining room table....we recently finished it up so it's in the glory stage where we leave it up for a few weeks and admire our hard work.

For above the shelf I threw together a really quick photo ledge with some nice scrap wood I had.  The wood is really pretty so I chose to keep the ledge narrower and have the thicker piece visible on the wall...it made it tougher to lean photos and find things for the ledge but I still really like the look.

For now, most of the art is stuff I had on hand like that Wowza print is a notecard and that horse drawing is one of mine I did in highschool. The only thing I ordered was the "you can't sit with us" print that I thought was hilarious for a dining room. Mean Girls anyone?

Furnace even made an appearance for now. I want something that kind of falls off that side of the shelf so he's probably just a placeholder for now but I like seeing him up there.

The best part is my Grandma's china finally has a place to shine along with all of the other fancy things we don't use.

I'm loving the update and the cabinets although they have a pretty weird smell. I've left the doors open to help them air out and lose that factory finish that I think we're smelling. Next up is the nursery. Derrick and I have paint samples on the wall and we're starting the clear-out process tonight.