Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Rebecca and Michael got married on Saturday! They were the last of this core group of friends to tie the knot and the wedding was absolutely beautiful! The rehearsal went great and then we were treated to a delicious dinner at the Shaffner House in Winston Salem.

I loved Rebecca's dress!

The dinner was delicious and Michael and Rebecca both said some very nice things about their bridal party before handing out gifts. The gifts to the guys were really cool straight blade razor kits! Derrick hasn't tried it yet but I'll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes!

The next day was wedding day!! The wedding was gorgeous and Rebecca's dress was amazing! It started with a Christian ceremony at the church and there was a traditional Korean ceremony at the reception. It was so cool seeing the Korean ceremony.

The reception was beautiful and had an outdoor terrace where the Korean ceremony took place and then, after dinner, dancing. The weather was perfect!

Waiting for the bridal party to arrive!

After dinner was the Korean ceremony. I LOVED it!! Michael, Rebecca, and their parents were all dressed in traditional Korean wedding clothing. Michael and Rebecca were lead through a series of bowing, offering tea to their parents, and hearing marriage advice. At one point they had to catch dates and chestnuts that were tossed at them to symbolize the number of children they were going to have. I'm pretty sure Rebecca dumped some of the 20+ dates they had caught out :)  It ended with Michael giving Rebecca a piggy back ride around the stage.

Catching the dates and chestnuts!

Ok....lets ignore the fact that my dress makes me look pregnant in this picture. Not pregnant! Just a food belly and a poofy dress!

The rest of the reception was a blast with good music, dancing, and great friends! Here's a smattering of other pictures from the rest of the night!


All married now!

This is the last of this group getting married but we still have another fun wedding to attend this year that we'll all be at. Alexander's brother Anthony gets married on November 1 and that will wrap up the weddings for this year. We're looking forward to it!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Raleighwood Takes on the Region

This past weekend our ultimate team, Raleighwood, headed to regionals in Atlanta. Derrick and I knew from the start of the season that we wouldn't be able to make this tournament because of two great friends getting married so we received text messages and photos throughout the weekend instead. Since Jack is on the team and is also the baby of the team by at least 7 years, most of my correspondence from the team this weekend was regarding Jack and what he was doing. If anybody on the team had a question about either Jack or Derrick all season (and last season for that matter) they would come to me because I was the only one who would respond out of the three of us :)

Raleighwood ended up playing awesome and taking third place in the Region. They rolled their first 4 games of the weekend, winning by large margins and went into semis against the number one seed at the tournament. They ended up losing 13-11 but I heard it was a valiant effort and that everybody had fun. The team we lost to, Bucket, ultimately one the championship and took the only bid to Nationals. 

I also got periodic updates on what Jack was doing as evidenced below:

Team photo from this weekend. Sad we couldn't be there but proud of how this season went!

Great season Raleighwood!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

So Fancy!

Our master closet is awesome. We met the husband seller on closing day and he said that he's actually the one in their relationship that is into clothing and he's the one that wanted this awesome closet system set up. If you are just looking at the bones of the closet, it's big, but not huge. The dialogue would go more like "Ok, this is a nice size" more then "Wow....this is huge!"  With the addition of the closet system though, the closet is gigantic!! There is so much storage and Derrick and I do not fill it all up. 

Here's a pic of how it looked for the previous owners. You can see that the husband had more room then the wife. He got both middle hangers and everything over to the right and the wife got everything to the left. The walls on either side of the door are shelved too so it's a complete 360 degrees of storage. 

What you probably can't see is that there is a window behind that middle row of hangers. A bright wonderful window that lets light stream in and makes the closet so nice and bright if those clothes aren't there. The husband seller even told us that the window has been treated with a UV film so that the sunlight won't damage your clothes....seriously feeling fancy over here. 

Well...Derrick and I like that window and don't need all this closet storage. Maybe one day :) but not now. So I decided to lower the shelf and make a makeup/jewelry vanity instead. 

Isn't it so cute? I love it!! The light coming in through the window is perfect for putting on makeup and the shelf is lowered just below the window so we don't lose any light from the window.  For now, I have a dining room chair in here but I'm on the lookout for something a little cuter. My mom has this adorable tuffet which I think would be perfect if it's tall enough so I might have to meet the lady who made it for her in Hickory next time I visit. For now, I'll just sit here and feel extra fancy :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Moving Help

I forgot to post these pictures of our moving help last weekend :)

We are so grateful to our families who came to spend the weekend with us and helped us SO much!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Move-in Day Pictures

Time for a house tour!! I wanted to document how the house looked very soon after moving in so I can look back at them and keep track of our progress! It's going to take forever to decorate this house, mostly because things are expensive and our plan is to slowly buy nice, quality things we love as we save up rather then buy a bunch of filler stuff to that we'll want to replace down the line!

Here's the best picture I have from the front and it's raining right now so I'm not running out to take another one. See that tree on the right hand side with the bad hairdo? My dad diagnosed the tree with bagworms and cut off all the dead branches. Derrick cut off the rest last night and we've sprayed it down with insecticide so hopefully the tree can be salvaged by next year!

When you come into the house you have the dining room immediately on your left and the office immediately on the right. Derrick's Mom has offered to give us her dining room table, chairs, and hutch which will look fabulous! We pick them up in a couple weeks. For now, our old kitchen table is acting as place holder.

We don't have office furniture yet. My parents have a desk they are going to give us if we can get it up here...that's going to be the tricky part so we'll have to wait and see if we can make that happen. Without furniture, it means the room will look like this for a while.

At the back of the house is the kitchen and living room. The kitchen is HUGE and I love it! If you would have asked me before this house, I was looking for a white kitchen with lighter counter tops. This one is the complete opposite but it totally works for me!

This is the eat-in area next to the kitchen and pretty much looks exactly like this still. We don't have a kitchen table so this is going to be another space that stays empty for a while until we get one.

Living room!I love the huge windows! I'm currently on the hunt for a rug for this space but the size is giving me issues. I've taped out a couple options on the floor and I think we're going to end up with a 6x9...now I just need to find the right one! We're also going to replace that wing-back chair and probably the other chair as well cause it's small and will be a better accent somewhere else.

This is the downstairs guest room and is very bare but looks the cleanest and most finished at the moment. It has an attached bathroom that just got a shower curtain today...progress!

Down the hall from the guest room is the laundry room, half bathroom, and garage.

No joke, this is what the garage looked like on moving day. My dad came in and spent about an hour in here and created this. It was amazing. I was planning on taking all of that furniture to the dump. He didn't know that so came in with fresh eyes and created the most perfect work space and storage area.

Here's the master! I promised this was a candid tour...nothing pretty to see here. Since this photo was taken we've taken the bed back off the risers, moved the end tables closer, hidden the cords and gotten rid of the miscellaneous stuff on the floor. Far from complete but functional and pretty enough for now.

My favorite part!!! Excuse the picture, I stole it off of the listing because I've already made a change in there I want to share. Isn't is amazing though??? That's a custom closet organization system that blows my mind. I feel so fancy! And we have all of our clothes neatly stored in here and NOTHING in that dresser in the bedroom. It's crazy!

Here's our bathroom!  A lot has changed in here, but mostly just unpacking. Now there is just one small box that I've been too lazy to drag into the bedroom but other then that this appears to be a clean, functional bathroom. We are loving the space in here!

Outside our bedroom is what we've dubbed the super bowl room. When we first looked at the house they had it staged in such a way that the downstairs living room looked tiny. This was the space that made up for it. The original plan was to get a sectional but with the current set-up I think we're going to leave it like this for a while. This room has had a major change in the form of a gigantic TV.

This is the look-out area over the foyer from the super-bowl room.

The yellow room! It will most likely stay just like this until we need it for a kid down the road. This yellow is killing me though. The cover on the light makes the light really muted and dark and only having one window makes this room super dark. I will be ready to paint this one when we finally get to that point but it will sit with the door shut for a while.

This has been dubbed the puzzle loft. It's going to be a craft studio/game room! The kitchen table that is currently in the dining room is going to come up here for a large work surface and then we can really whip this room into shape!

Last but not least is the pink room! We were going to leave this room shut for a long time too but then Holly and Alexander said they were giving this bed and mattress set away so we jumped on it to make a second guest room for the time being. This room will also be getting a coat of paint at some point but for now it's not going to get much use so it'll sit just like this for now!

I don't have any pictures of the back deck and yard but I'll post some later! For now we're just slowly figuring out where to put all those knick knacks and pesky little things that need a spot and trying to remember to drive here instead of our apartment after work :)