Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Trash Bag

Two weeks ago at Sectionals some Trash Bag smashed our car window and stole my purse. I had just parked and the first game was hardly underway when I heard some cops walking around asking who had a red Rogue. At first I thought I'd let my registration expire or something like that but they let me know what had happened.

They left Derrick's wallet, two laptops, and an i-pad and went for my purse. It was really the best thing they could have taken since I didn't have any cash. The most valuable thing they took was my actual purse and wallet which I am pretty bummed out about. We had to spend the next hour cancelling our cards and we're still dealing with transferring our auto-pays and direct deposits.

Safelite will put on a temporary crash cover and then reimburse you for it when they replace the window which was a big help. They were able to come out the following Monday to re-install the glass and it wasn't even worth filing an insurance claim for.

Such is life I suppose and now I'm much more cognizant of where my wallet is!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Craft Room...Finally!

Sorry for the blog break! Work has been really stressful the past couple weeks and then we had Leanna and Kevin and their family in town as they evacuated hurricane Irma. The silver lining of the storm was we got some unexpected hang out time with them!

I'm back at it though with a few updates. We're about 6 weeks out from D-day so I've been trying to motivate to finish up a few things. When Ellie was here this week she referred to the craft room as "the messy room" and she wasn't allowed in without an adult. Here's a very clean picture of what we've been dealing with for the past several months. 

Really...throw in several more layers of mess and you'll get a bit closer to reality.

There was also the shelf situation. I wanted to put shelves in this nook and had these big dreams of building thick wood shelves. I got about half way through and then stalled out. I just wasn't loving them and they were hard to get level, and I was growing a human. Excuses, excuses...but these shelves were causing the whole room to sit in limbo for MONTHS!

Once I decided the shelves had to go I finally had the motivation to get this room under control. Derrick helped me demo the shelves and I found a great deal for some shelving at Target during their labor day sale. I then used some extra paint from the office years ago and we were in business!

The intention of the shelves was for Derrick's board game collection that has expanded a lot this summer. We still have a full game closet to sort through. Speaking of which...if anyone wants any high quality puzzles just let me know! I love puzzles but I never do puzzles twice so I have a bunch of great ones I'm happy to lend out or give away!

Once the wall was painted and the shelves were anchored to the wall I was able to organize the rest of the room.

We still have some changes to make to keep this room safe once Furnace becomes mobile but I'm thrilled to be able to walk around this room and call it done for now. It's right next to the nursery so I wanted it to look OK and it's been like Christmas morning turning the corner in the morning and seeing it all clean. It's been such a mess for so long!

I hope to jump back into blogging this week...I have a lot to catch you up on including a car break in, baby shower, baby class, and a growing bump.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Family Baby Shower

Last weekend Derrick's family threw us the best baby shower! Leanna and Kevin were in town with Ellie and Jesse and we won't get to see them again before Furnace is born so we had a family shower that was SO nice! I LOVED it and it was such a great way to start our baby celebrations that we have going on this month.

How cute is this diaper wreath? And it had so many other goodies in it including a lot of rattles and car seat toys which I'm really excited about.

Those ducks have heat sensors on the bottom and will tell you if your baby's bath water is too hot. Genius!

Derrick's mom had some really cute games planned including price is right, a diaper toss, and a "don't drop the baby" water balloon toss. I got totally soaked in the balloon toss and drastically underestimate the cost of baby items in the price is right game. Derrick and I are in for a rude awakening I think!

Dad and Jay were able to come to the shower to represent the Williams family and was so glad to have them there. It was their first baby shower and I think they both really enjoyed it. They ended up tying for the win in the balloon toss and Jay won the bottle candy count.

The hit of the shower was the onesie making station. Derrick's mom is amazing! She has a cricut vinyl cutter and a heat press. A HEAT PRESS! So these onesies are professional! Amazing! She had a whole row of them pre-made lining the windows. The light is washing the pictures out a bit but just look at those!

And then she had all these pre-cut options and blank onesies so everybody got to design their own. Just incredible and SO fun!

We wrapped up with gifts and everybody was so generous and so thoughtful! It's clear everybody is excited for Furnace to make his debut.

When the shower was over we transitioned into the family fantasy football draft. Jay roped dad into assisting him with his draft and they proceeded to sit like this for the next two hours. I finished the onesies and then napped on the couch :)

My parents set us up with our stroller at the shower and we put it together when we got home. It was super simple to do and we are loving the red!

Shout out to Momma Marcey for doing the bulk of the planning and organizing of the shower. It was so amazing and we loved every second of it! We are so lucky to have such great family all around and seriously so lucky that our families can gather together so seamlessly. It makes bringing this guy into the world that much more exciting!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Forty Buck Bathroom Change-Up

Our upstairs bathroom is really small and hard to photograph so these first couple photos are silly looking.  We haven't touched it since we moved in and in my dreams we'll renovate it and punch it out into the craft room to make it larger one day. 

It was a room I wanted to at least freshen up before Furnace came because it's only been used for Crosby baths and overflow guests for 3 years. Since this was going to be his bathroom I wanted to give it a little bit of love. 

It started out painted the same tan as the rest of the upstairs. I forgot to snap pictures until I had already started some of the prep work. I was originally thinking a mint would be cute in here but it's so small and the light is so flourescent I didn't want it to blind the world.  

I ended up using leftover paint from Furnace's nursery. I bought a new shower curtain, a new back of rollers, and a new outlet to replace the burned one to total about $40 for a fresh look.

I'd still like to switch out the mirror, light fixture, and potentially paint the vanity but that's not going to happen before the baby comes so I gave it a good scrubbing and called it a day. it's already so much more cheerful than it was and I'm happy to call this one done for now.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Nursery Additions

We hit 30 weeks today and had our 30 week appointment this morning. Everything checked out great and now we're going every 2 weeks instead of every four. We also start our childbirth class so it's about to get a lot more baby focused around here.

Our glider came in last weekend and I am SO excited about it! It was definitely a bit of a splurge but we got 20% off with a coupon and we used some visa gift cards from our frisbee high school parents. I think it was worth every penny to get the look I wanted, and more importantly, it is SO comfortable and should last a long time! It's tall enough for Derrick to lay his head back on and there is plenty of room for one of us and a future toddler.

It's looking a little one note in there but now that the recliner is in we can start hanging art, the mobile, and accessorizing. I think it's going to come to life really quickly. We also found the cutest bookshelf for the empty corner. It's not mounted yet so this is it just leaning on the wall.

And I got some great board books on a buy sell trade facebook page for a steal.

The other side of the room is hand me down heaven! We've had three families send hand me downs our way and it's been awesome! They've been washed and sorted by size but I just need to figure out how we're going to organize the closet and dresser.

Now that we're only 10 weeks out I feel like we need to kick any last minute things into gear so I've obviously decided this is the time to paint the upstairs bathroom. Sherwin Williams sale starts tomorrow so don't miss out! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Third Trimester- We made it!

We made it to third trimester on Wednesday so that means we only have 12 weeks to go as a family of three. It's pretty crazy to think about...I've gotten very used to and comfortable with our current life. We're both very excited though and already completely obsessed with Furnace so I'm pretty sure we'll be happy when he gets here but I'm sure it will be a shock to the system :)

We didn't take a good picture on Wednesday but I snapped a bathroom selfie. I'm definitely growing and feeling a lot bigger but I'm pretty happy with my weight gain and activity level. I'm either walking or playing pickleball at least 4-5 times a week. 

The worst symptom I have is pretty terrible rib pain. It feels like a burning or tearing in my upper right ribcage right under my chest. It comes and goes but when it's bad it's really bad. I thought for a while it was just stretching and growing pains. Then I thought it was his foot up in my rib cage. After further research I'm pretty sure it's a pinched or strained nerve from my rib cage moving and expanding. It helps to put downward pressure on it so I found this belly band that I'll pull out on bad days. 

The belly band helps sometimes but mostly I just have to lay down or deal with it. Good news is it should go away once he's 12 more weeks. I can handle that. 

I feel like I'm in this middle slump of feels like I've been pregnant for ages but I still have a long time to go. Once we get through August I think it will fly. We've got baby showers, our hospital class starts, and we'll be in the single digits of weeks. I'm trying to embrace and enjoy the downtime while we have it but I am very ready to have my body back. I can't imagine how people feel who have had a bad pregnancy...mine has been very manageable but I still enjoy not being pregnant more than I enjoy being pregnant. 

Derrick has a tournament this weekend but my family is coming into town for Jack's AUDL game so I'm looking forward to having everybody here to distract me from the fact that I'm not playing frisbee!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Burp Cloth DIY

As I've been gathering tips and tricks from other new moms about what works best I was told that cloth diapers make the best burp cloths! They are apparently super absorbent and unbeatable in the spit up department. When I was hanging out with a 5 month old last week and saw the amount of spit up that ended up all over his mom, himself, and the floor, I realized we're going to be using burp cloths for a while. 

Seems obvious, but that was when it clicked for me. I have burp cloths on our registry but I decided to go ahead and get some more because I don't think we can have too many and I wanted to have some fun with them. They make burp cloths similar to these which is where I got the idea but they are $25 for two which seems pricey just for the cute factor. 

I got a 10 pack of cloth diapers and then I had these fat quarters from spoonflower that I bought on sale last year before I knew what I would do with them. If you don't know spoonflower then go search now. It's an online fabric store and the prints are amazing!

I washed and ironed the cloth diapers first. 

And then washed and ironed the fabric. These suckers are going to be getting dirty so pre-shrinking was necessary so they are washable after construction. 

It took me just a couple hours to knock out all ten of them and that flew by with my podcasts going in the background.  I just cut the fabric into strips and sewed them along the seams that were already in the diapers.

I love this adventure cute and appropriate with our nursery!

I know burp cloths don't have to be cute but these were fun to make and I wanted to do something to feel like I was prepping for his arrival. The nursery is at a pause until the glider comes in so this was the perfect project to tide me over until it's time to decorate!