Friday, February 28, 2014

Only took a year and a half!

So, my parents gave me a bench! This is where I would post a before picture of it if I could find it. They gave me the bench while I was home for Thanksgiving 1 1/2 years ago! That's right, Thanksgiving 2012. And I just now finished reupholstering it. It's been sitting in our guest room  junk room since that time and I've periodically gotten it out to work on it. Taking the old fabric off took almost a year and then I had to find the perfect fabric for it. Once I had the fabric I  got motivated for another half a day and then back into the guest room it went.

Anyways, long story short, it's finally done!

I didn't get enough fabric. Of course. But it was actually a good thing. I had enough to cover the bench but not enough for the piping. I briefly considered going back to get more of the same fabric but then I realized I had some scrap fabric in an off white which would be a nice contrast. I'm really thrilled I ended up going that way!

I hesitated on this pattern a bit because our bedspread is pretty pattern-heavy but in the end I stopped caring and went with it because I liked it! What do you think, too much?

True to form it is definitely not perfect. I cut one side too short and had to shove a scrap of fabric behind it so that you couldn't see the foam. I can't staple it or you'll see the staples. I think I'm going to get some iron on hem tape and call it a day. You can also see here that my piping around the leg doesn't line up with the other piping. Again, it's because my fabric was just a tish too short. I'm not worried about it, and if you are....sorry. It took a year and a half. Chances are it will sit just like this for another year.

I need your opinion though. To paint the legs or not paint the legs? I'm thinking a deep plum could be really cool and play off the peacock pattern. Or just a cream to match the trim could finish it off. Maybe a dark navy? Leave them brown? The brown just seems a little weird to me.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This past weekend we competed in our Winter League Tournament. I always look forward to this tournament because it's typically lots of playing time and it's local! I can sleep in my own bed on Friday and Saturday night! Due to a quick downpour the day before a couple of the field sites were not playable. This unfortunately meant that we had to cram 6 games into one field site so our 2 hour rounds turned into 1 hour rounds. That equals only 3 hours of tournament play :(  On top of that, we lost two of our three games and didn't even make it to Sunday so the tournament was very short lived. As disappointing as that was, it was still a good time and the weather was gorgeous. Travis even won the spirit award for our team!! It was fun playing with him in his first real frisbee league. He played awesome!

(Insert picture of Travis with his spirit disc that I never got around to taking)

Immediately from the tournament, I threw some jeans on over my mud and headed to a showing. Derrick and Travis came with me and sat in the car since it was on that side of town. Then I headed home to drop Derrick and Travis off and immediately headed back out to a listing appointment. I'm telling you, Real Estate is rocking and rolling! 

Last night, on date night, Derrick and I went to dinner, had ice cream at Kilwins, and then watched Happy Gilmore. I had never seen it before which is apparently a sin. I love date nights. We are able to see each other and have dinner together almost every night, but date night is always something different than the everyday and just us. I hope we keep it up. 

Tonight Derrick is competing in the Men's League Championship. This is a very competitive league that you have to be invited to and his team has made it to the finals. It's going to be cold tonight, but Crosby and I will be out there supporting him and watching him play. It's probably going to be feisty! I'm also excited because at the winter league game I got invited to play in a women's showcase game on Saturday! The triangle ultimate scene is very focused on encouraging youth ultimate and women's ultimate. There is a high school women's tournament in Chapel Hill this weekend and they have asked some of the local club team women to play in a showcase game after the Saturday rounds. I was pretty excited to be invited. It's not like it's a big deal to be invited...I probably could have emailed them and gotten on the list. I'm just excited to play. 

Finally, Crosby has been a big help with real estate recently. I think this picture speaks for itself. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vintage Runway

As I'm getting older I am finding that I am more and more like my Mom. Derrick has noticed it too. I like to take it as a compliment because my Mom is a rockstar! I really don't know how she does everything she does. Anyways, today I wanted to feature her etsy store on the blog! It's called Vintage Runway and she sells vintage clothing. Vintage clothing is something I know nothing about but mom totally has an eye for it!

There is a whole room in my parents house completely devoted to her store. She has a photo studio set up and she even works with models to show off her clothing. Just look at some of these adorable items in her store!
1940s mens shoes, white oxford shoes, wing tips, lace up shoes, Size 9
1940's Oxfords
1960s tweed skirt, mohair tweed, yellow blue, plaid skirt, Size M
1960's Tweed Skirt

1970s maxi dress, flowered maxi dress, long dress, green pink yellow, eyelet lace, empire waist, Size L
1970's Maxi Dress

Diane Von Furstenberg blazer, gray wool blazer, early 1980s, short jacket, Size 6
Diane Von Furstenberg Blazer

If you are looking for some amazing vintage finds you should totally check out my mom's store! She has such a huge inventory so you are sure you to find something you like! Follow her on Facebook for special deals and to keep up with her new finds!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Oooo Za Za!

Saturday afternoon Derrick and I drove to Winston Salem to watch Derrick's cousins. We had given his aunt and uncle tickets to the Wake Forest/FSU basketball game for Christmas and it came with free babysitting. We decided to make personal pizzas for dinner and watch a movie. I think everybody had a good time and the kids were on very good behavior. I guess it's easy when you're stuffing your face with pizza and cupcakes and vegging on the couch to a movie :) We watched Wreck-It Ralph. I would definitely recommend it!

Each of the kids got to make their own pizza. We tried to make Riley's look like Mickey Mouse. Easier said than done with super sticky dough!

The pups looked like this for most of the night. It was fine with us because the night started with a little tussle between the two of them. Copper likes to play and Crosby does not so they fight about it.

My favorite picture of the night is this one. Very obviously related. It's funny how similar Trey and Derrick are in so many ways. This was during the NBA dunk contest.

I'm glad that we were able to do this. I know the kids had been looking forward to it and it was fun for Derrick and I too!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Fun, Snowy Week!

Tuesday night was date night so Derrick and I used to chance to get out of the house before the impending snow storm and catch a movie. We have been really liking this new theater near us because the seats are leather and nice, and they have $5 movies and drinks/popcorn on Tuesdays. Just worked out perfectly for date night! We saw the Lego Movie. It was pretty cute and much more entertaining than I was expecting going into it. 

There is one problem though. I have had this song stuck in my head all week!

I had a couple appointments on Thursday I was able to push up to Wednesday morning and I was home before the snow started. I texted Derrick at 12:37 and told him it was starting to Flurry and then by 12:45 the roads were already turning white. It hit us so fast! I was really thankful when Derrick walked through the door a little after 1:00....with Bojangles!

Lots of other people were not so lucky. The roads gridlocked pretty quickly and we were watching the craziness on the news. My best friend Nikki's fiance works in Chapel Hill and he ended up having to stay the night at work. It was just insane how quickly the road conditions got bad. 

We decided to get Crosby out of the house and exercised before the snow turned to ice and I grabbed a couple pics. I know the ones two weeks ago weren't enough for you!

We didn't lose power, thank goodness. Thursday Derrick worked from home and I watched Lost all day. He has gotten me hooked on this show. I know I'm super late and everybody was watching this 5 years ago when it was actually airing but I am just now jumping on the bandwagon. I just finished season 1 so don't spoil it for me!  I will say it was nice to do NO real estate on Thursday. I don't think I've had a day in a loooong time where I haven't worked to some degree and recently I've been working super full days and having things to do on the weekends so it was a much enjoyed break. 

Today is Valentine's day :) Derrick and I are making dinner together and I've got surprise strawberry cupcakes in the oven. Then I think we're doing the heart puzzle he gave me this morning. Should be low key and perfect. 

Happy Valentines Day to you and your loved ones!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Working Hard and Puking Hard!

Derrick and I have been super busy with work lately! I don't even realize that my blogging is slipping until it's been almost a week. I especially have felt a sudden shift in my schedule. Real estate is rocking right now and I'm loving it. I have 3 current listings and another listing agreement probably getting signed by the end of the week. And I love all my clients. It makes those long days so worth it and I feel like I'm growing in leaps and bounds. I even had to order more signs this morning because I only had 2 and I need 4!!

Even though we've been busy with work we've still managed to have a little fun. We've been rock climbing and I plan on taking a video the next time we go to post on here. We're excited to check out a couple California gyms in May. We also found out that Leanna and Kevin are having a girl! We're going to have a little niece and we're super excited about it. not so fun thing that happened recently was an emergency visit to the vet. Crosby woke us up at 1:30 AM on Saturday morning throwing up. She continued to be sick for the rest of the night and we were up every 30-45 minutes with her. She was better in the morning but we still took her in for some anti-nausea medicine and she's been on a chicken and rice diet ever since. I'm pretty sure that's the reason she got sick....she loves chicken! She's feeling much better now and is going to be weaned back onto dog food tomorrow. Might mean another long night is in our future if she catches on to the pattern.

I'll try to remember to post my first listing tomorrow! It's so fun to see my name on the sign and I have really enjoyed the listing side of things. I was always so nervous to take on a listing. It was so foreign and I was so used to the buyer side of things. Now that I've got a few listings I don't know why I was ever nervous. This side of it is just as fun!

Sorry, no pics. I guess I could post the video of Crosby dry-heaving that I took for the vet but I'll spare you.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dog Days of Winter

I don't know if you heard but Raleigh got a blizzard last week! School was out for 4 days straight and they even cancelled the make-up day on Saturday!! I've never seen a blizzard of this magnitude!! I'm talking a 2 inch dusting EVERYWHERE! It was so bad they even had to cancel school on Tuesday before it even started just to get the kids acclimated to the slowly cooling temperatures.

Please tell me you can sense my sarcasm. All statements are fact though. School was cancelled for most of the week last week.  The snow landed right on date night and started falling about 7:30 PM so Derrick and I waited around for it to start so we could have a date-night walk in the snow. Crosby was in her element. She LOVES the snow and the streets were empty so she got to frolic off leash the whole way. We only stopped to get the snowballs out of her feet when they built up :)

Derrick drew me a heart with an L and a D in was really good. 

She was not happy we made her sit on this thing.

Roo's first snow day I think!