Thursday, June 30, 2016

Frisbee Team Changes

So.....Derrick and I don't play for Raleighwood anymore. Long story, short the governing body for ultimate frisbee (USAU) disbanded our team. It wasn't for bad behavior or anything that we did's a policy thing that we aren't able to comply with.  I would go into it but it would turn into a nasty rant about how unfair I think USAU is. Bottom line, most of Raleighwood is extremely upset about this and, in my opinion, USAU has no right to disband teams. Their job is to expand our sport...not crush the souls of 20+ loyal supporters.

Not loyal anymore. USAU is the worst.

Due to the betrayal of USAU Derrick and I were left without a team at the beginning of this club season. We weren't sure what we were going to do. We considered taking the season off, traveling for another team, or playing mens or womens. Derrick could have maybe played with Jack which would have been cool but I haven't played women's since college and wasn't sure I was ready to go back. I've been spoiled by getting to play with Derrick for the past 6+ years.

We were both surprised to be asked to join a new club team forming in the area called Toro. Surprised and a little nervous on my end. We were so used to the people on Raleighwood. We played 3 years with Raleighwood and a lot of the people on Raleighwood also played on wHagonweel with us in the 3 previous years. So six years of playing with the same people. It was sad, and still is sad, to change up who we play with.

That being said, we've really had a positive experience with Toro. They are a great group and a talented group. We've won a lot of games so far and we came in third in our latest tournament. It's been interesting to learn how to play with new people and learn their different views about strategy. We've been lucky to have a local group to be able to play with after the upsetting decisions about Raleighwood.

We still tend to wander to our Raleighwood friends during breaks and byes. They are our closest frisbee friends and will always be our teammates. We're thankful to have a team to play with though even if they do practice twice a week! Twice a week! Raleighwood did one scrimmage MAYBE once a week. We are getting back into good shape though!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Birthday to Crosby

Our sweet Crosby turned 8 yesterday and it was especially sweet after the recent health scare she had. Crosby has completely stolen our hearts and she's the absolute center of our universe. I can't believe it's been 6.5 years since we got her and I'm so glad we took a chance that that wimpy little dog she once was.

Typical walk these days....a stop in the shade to rest.


Happy birthday sweet girl! Here's to many, many more!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Signs of a Good Week

There have been a lot of good things happening recently but they are all a little random so I'm doing a random dump here today.

First off, the happiest news of the week! Crosby's tumor was a low stage two and the surgery removed it all! What this means is we aren't looking at any more cancer treatment for this particular round. It does mean she will likely have many future surgeries as almost every single lump and bump will need to be removed and it's very likely more tumors will appear but as long as we catch them early she should have a good, long life ahead of her. We are SO relieved! Her stitches come out next Wednesday and then we can move on from this scary discovery for the time being.

Due the incision on her neck I've been walking Crosby without a leash. That means we go on the SLOWEST. walks. ever! She just dawdles and takes her time 15 yards behind me.

Jack and I finally got thin mint martinis together. We'd been talking about it since his 21st birthday but the place I wanted to go was in Winston Salem. Last Saturday we had exactly 7 minutes before Mom and Dad were meeting us for dinner but we were in Winston together and had to take the opportunity. Derrick grabbed the car and waited outside with it running while Jay, Jack, and I ran in, threw our credit card on the table, and said we need 3 thin mint martinis FAST! We then chugged them and ran off to dinner. It was hilarious and and worth it.

Fathers day dinner with Dad. Since Jay was in town visiting we all drove down to meet for dinner. The service was terrible but the food was delicious. We were there for almost 3 hours just talking and hanging out.

I got to meet Birdie! My friend's adorable puppy!

Crosby got the most adorable get well card from one of her BFF's Roxy. It made my day and hers.

This. Jack showed us this picture that his teammates dug up of Jack at his first tournament. Flat footed, plain white T, just hoping the disc would fall into his hands while he's getting completely skied. Hilarious.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Powerade State Games

This weekend we participated in the Powerade State game in two forms. Derrick played in the pickleball version of the tournament on Friday afternoon and we both played in the ultimate part on Sunday. First thing to note.....there was NO powerade at the ultimate fields!! I expected lots of free powerade. Luckily we got our fill at the pickleball part. I think Derrick and I had almost 5 mini bottles.

I was just a spectator at the pickleball part so I brought my camera to catch Derrick in action. Derrick played in men's doubles with James, someone he met at pickup. They played well but it was Derrick's first tournament and their first time as partners in a tournament setting. They didn't end up winning any games but it was really fun to watch.

The games were held in the Duke tennis complex. Since pickleball courts are smaller than tennis courts they were able to fit twelve pickleball courts in the complex. It was wild!

All of James' co-workers came to watch on their lunch break. To surprise him. I don't know if it counted as a good surprise to him but they kept me company!

This is my favorite one. Atypical pickleball form.

I think Derrick enjoyed it and I forsee many more PB tournaments in our future. I'm not sure if I'll end up playing in any or not. Pickleball still stresses me out a little. It's a whole new culture and I haven't embraced it as much as Derrick has. 

On Sunday we joined our frisbee team and played in 3 games at the ultimate portion of the state games. The weather was gorgeous and we ended up winning first place and a gold medal. 

I don't think I've posted about our new frisbee team and the whole end of Raleighwood so I'll post that sometime soon. 

It was a great weekend! Lots of sun, sweat, and exercise. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Birthday Shenanigans

****Before I get started I'll give a quick Crosby update. I'll post more later once we know more but Crosby had to have two spots removed yesterday. One is confirmed cancerous and the second is inconclusive. We'll know more once the biopsy comes back but Derrick and I are in full on helicopter parenting mode and smothering her with constant attention...much to her annoyance. She's rocking the Frankencros look though and we've decided to stay optimistic that the surgery will eliminate any and all cancer. Prayers, good vibes, and general happy thoughts would be appreciated. We're head over heels for our girl and need her to be OK.


Last week was my birthday and I was thoroughly spoiled. Alison and I spent the whole day on the Saxapahaw river paddleboarding. I absolutely love paddleboarding but Derrick and I have such busy summers it's impractical to try and add another regular hobby. So Alison and I just rent boards once or twice a year to get my fix.

This was about the time I realized I had totally forgotten sunscreen on my back. I got everywhere else but in the excitement of getting our boards and getting on the water I forgot to ask Alison to get my back. I'm still feeling it. It was worth it though! And Mapleview ice cream is amazing!

When we got home Derrick was on his way back to the house and he told me I had to leave for about 15 minutes. Jack, Alison, and I took Cros around the block. When we got back Derrick handed me the first clue to an extravagant scavenger hunt around the house.

It was so fun and he put so much work into it! I had to get help with a few clues but I eventually figured out the code to the box in the backyard and found my present. 

Derrick got me a really nice fossil purse I'd been eyeing. It smells soooooo good. Leather reminds me of my riding days. I feel so fancy with such a fancy purse!

During our family conference call my parents gave me a wheelbarrow and pitchfork so I can mulch the yard. I've already filled an entire wheelbarrow full of weeds once and it's so much easier than hauling buckets!

Birthday night we met Beth and Alan for dinner and bowling.

It as an awesome day and I'm lucky to be so spoiled by great family and friends. Thanks to everybody who made it great!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Crab Cut

Crosby got her summer cut last week and I accidentally gave her a bad bowl cut. She is so good when we shave her. She just sits there and takes it for about 45 minutes. I think she realizes how good it's going to feel. She was getting super fuzzy and I think she was pretty hot. 

Alison was there during the cut and I was going through pictures just now and found this one. I almost fell on the floor laughing so hard. What a face! 

A proper before.


And after.
We always forget how much grey she has under there! Derrick thinks this is more than she had last year but I'm not so sure.


This is the first year I cut her ear fluffs off. I love her ear fluffs but everybody thinks they look crazy with her shaved body. Actually...most people think they look crazy even when she's not shaved. This is where her accidental bowl cut happened. I didn't know where to stop and then I tried to fix and then we ended up with:

I took some pictures of her sunbathing yesterday so enjoy these. She loves this....I turn the AC off and open the backdoor and she lounges in the sun or down in the grass. She's really good about it and just stays in the backyard, coming in to check in every so often.


 If you see her, tell her how nice her haircut is and that you can't tell she has a bowl cut at all!