Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday to the first man I ever loved! I couldn't ask for a better example of what good marriage, husband, and father should look like! Love you so much!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Puppy Play

Crosby doesn't have a lot of friends. She's a bit of a loaner and would much rather be with Derrick and I then other dogs. When we walk past other dogs on walks she hardly even looks at them and she always gets comments about how good she is from the owners whose dogs are going wild to see her. For the most part we like this about her but it can cause problems when our friend's dogs come over and she's growling at them to leave her alone.

The friends she does have are either smaller then her or she met them as puppies so she met them when they were smaller then her. I think her behavior towards other dogs is anxiety related so Derrick and I make an effort to introduce her to our friends dogs when they are puppies so Crosby will get along with them in the future.

This weekend Michael and Rebecca stayed with us and brought their 8 month old pup Zoey.

Zoey is bigger then Crosby now but she is one of the few dogs that Crosby will actually play with. Like all out wrestle. She lets Zoey pin her down which is amazing to me...that is not something she's usually OK with. She will still get a little protective of Derrick and I and chase Zoey off if she gets too close to us for Crosby's comfort but it usually just takes us shooing Crosby away from us to snap her out of that.

She's now passed out on the floor recovering from a full weekend of play! It's so fun to see her interact with other dogs because it's not her norm. Derrick and I were pretty proud parents :)

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Besides falling into bed at night totally exhausted the one sure-fire way that I know I'm busy is when my blog goes to the wayside. I don't like it because I really love blogging so I am trying to make sure I make time for it even when I can't find time to do anything else. So....the laundry hasn't been done, dishes are piling out of the sink, dust bunnies will be greeting our guests coming into town tomorrow and I don't have a dress to wear to the wedding we have tomorrow. But I am blogging! I guess that's just par for the course when you are actively working with 10 clients at one time. Yep, you read that right....TEN! This is new territory for me and I am really enjoying having work so busy...it makes me feel like I'm really making it! But it does mean I have to figure out how to adjust the rest of my life.

I'll figure it out another day.

For now..Bruner got married last weekend and it was wonderful! Thursday night I drove down to Charlotte to stay with Courtney so we could travel to Kansas City together. Derrick flew in Saturday morning on his own so I was glad to get to make the journey with Courtney.

When we got there we found the groom for lunch before the rehearsal dinner! Bruner bought my lunch making me his last date before he tied the knot! #lastflingbeforethering

Our hotel was gorgeous and old! I crashed Jeff and Courtney's pull-out couch Friday night and then Derrick and I had a plaza view room on Saturday night.

The rehearsal went off without a hitch and we followed it with a delicious BBQ dinner at the club. There were toasts, smore's, and wine. It made for a pretty good night.

Groomsmen at the rehearsal:

Soon to be Mr and Mrs!

Wedding day was awesome! We had a delicious brunch first thing in the morning and then Courtney, Dawn, and I had some girl time shopping in the plaza until Derrick got into town.

The weather was amazing! I showed up early for pictures and was able to spend some time watching the pictures and hanging out with the groomsmen.

The mother/son dance was beautiful!

While Bruner was waiting for some of the girls to get pictures taken he was practicing his shot into a nearby bunker. The guys stole the golf balls and signed them for him later.

The band was AWESOME! Seriously, the music was all danceable and current. It was a huge hit.

So Tim is a big Michigan State fan. He was watching the end of the game during cocktail hour and this is the moment the kicker fumbled the punt and lost the game for them. Not a good moment for him.

This right here was my favorite moment of the night. Tim, Bruner, Jeff and I were best friends in undergrad. I still consider them some of my best friends even though we don't catch up as often as should and we're literally stretched from the east coast to the west coast. We took a photo of the four of us and then the four we married and Dawn mashed them together. I love it!

Gotta love a good mini-cooper get away :)


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Oh, You were busy?...My bad"

Thanks Elantra. I had nothing else to do except sit at the dealership while you got a new starter.

Roadside Assistance: It's the battery
Me: I don't think it's the battery
RA: It's probably the battery. We'll send someone to jump you.
Me: Ok, but please send a tow truck too because it's not the battery.

(45 minutes later person shows up to the jump the car with no tow truck)

RA: It's not the battery. We're going to need to call a tow truck
Me: Thank you so much! *send grumbly texts to husband in search of affirmation and "you're so beautiful and smart and wonderful" return texts.
Husband: *obliges with requested texts*

On the upside I've set up a sweet standing desk for myself at the Hyundai dealership until my rental car is ready at 2:00.

And I'm eating my weight in complimentary snacks and drinks. The new starter our little baby Elantra needs is costing them more then they realize.

I'll be here if anyone wants to come play!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Weekend Rush

Derrick and I are halfway through our crazy month of October where we have something big happening every.single.weekend. This weekend was a record high of activity. On Thursday night Derrick's Mom and Grandma stopped in on their way to Florida to visit Leanna, Kevin, and Ellie. On that same night Travis and Claire arrived for a 5 day visit from Boston! I didn't get a single picture with Claire! grrr

If you're looking for an easy and delicious meal you should try this crockpot white chili recipe! I made it on Thursday for dinner when everybody was in town and it was really good and super easy! Claire made cornbread too so we were living large Thursday night.

Saturday I left at 5 AM for a wedding in Florida. It was a 24 hour trip and it was exhausting but very worth it. My mom's best friend from high school's daughter got married. It's funny because Jay and I feel like we grew up with Sarah and her brother Nathan even though we lived in different states and only saw each other every few years. We always would hear about them and what they were up to and we would always fall right back into our old ways when we got together.

Her wedding was in St. Augustine, Florida and was gorgeous!

Mom played at the beginning of the cocktail hour.

I was loving the navy and gold color scheme.

First highlight of the night. Bob and Sarah choreographed their first dance and went through  5 or 6 different songs with different dances for each one. They even did the dirty dancing lift in her wedding dress! They started out doing a slow song and when the music switched Bob ripped off his tuxedo pants to reveal bright gold harem pants underneath. It was awesome!

Father/daughter dance.

The second highlight of the night for me was when Sarah started crying when she saw me. It was so sweet and so unexpected and it made me especially glad I was there.

Here are mom and dad with the parents of the bride. Mom and Susie were best friends in high school and they all four went to Stetson together. They have stories of creepy double dates and we have a lot of pictures with them and the kids before we moved to North Carolina.

It was a whirlwind trip. I left at 6:00 AM Sunday morning so that I could get back to Raleigh for our end of year Raleigwood party that Derrick and were hosting at our house.

I was a little worried only a few people were coming to the party because the sign-up sheet was looking a little sparse but we ended up with a great turn out and had a super fun evening!


Beth Gifford got this awesome cake that was inspired by our jerseys which are two different shades of green.

Not great pictures but still pictures to prove it happened! I really love the Raleighwood group and was excited to see them again before everybody gets busy with the holidays.

We had one more day with Claire and Travis so we went out to dinner last night with them and some old SMT people which was great and it wasn't quite as hard to say goodbye this time because we'll see them again in 4 weeks when they are back down here!

Meanwhile work is picking up and going really well! Three new contracts in over a week and I'm loving it! I am glad to have this busy weekend over with just because everything actually went well, no plane delays or anything like that to contend with and we got to spend some great time with great friends.

We're gearing up for another big wedding event this weekend so October just keeps 'em coming!