Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Another Crosby Post

I know, I know, two Crosby posts in a row.

Crosby recently hit a new level of spoiled. I have been going into Petco for weeks looking at this bed I wanted to get for her but I just couldn't get myself to pull the trigger on it. It was $90 in the store and that is a LOT for a dog bed. Don't you think so? Her current one was $12 at Steinmart and it's been just fine. The problem is it's starting to look ratty and it also feels like the floor if you lay on it. The stuffing is all flattened. I tried to re-stuff it for her once but she ended up choosing the floor over her newly stuffed bed :(

Fastforward about 2 months (and several Petco visits) and the bed I'd been eyeing went on sale online! I linked to it if you click the word bed above just in case you want to jump in on the savings. They also have a chocolate brown one but the orange one is just darn pretty.  I still don't think $67 is a cheap dogbed but with no shipping costs and two closings last week I called it my closing present! Plus Crosby is a bed using type of dog. She really loves it!  She's that awkward size where she doesn't quite fit in a medium sized bed but the large ones are too big so this was pretty good middle ground.

In other Crosby related news, she decided I was a nice table for chewing her bone on last night:

And finally, Crosby got dog shamed when I got home from work today. Doesn't she look so ashamed!!

It's partly our fault because we've been teaching her a new trick and her reward is Nutter Butters. She loves them! The new trick is called Order in the Court. I almost stopped breathing when we were teaching it to her because I was laughing so hard and Derrick thinks it's not a real trick.  I'll post a video if I can get her consistent! Ignore this hype up about it...it probably will be disappointing when you see the video :)

Oh...and tell Crosby how shameful she is next time you see her.

Friday, August 23, 2013

We've Created a Monster!

Crosby is obsessed with Frisbee.


I think most people know she can catch a frisbee when Derrick and I throw them to her. It's her all time favorite activity. Her first catch ever was actually caught on camera and you can see my embarassing reaction in the background.

In my defense, I'm pretty sure you would have all reacted like that too if your dog suddenly grew wings and became an all-star at the sport that you and your husband devote hours upon hours to.

That was dramatic.

Anyways, that was about two years ago. Three? Somebody help me out here. Since then her obsession has grown. She will catch frisbees until her gums bleed. She knows the smell of dry-fit clothing and when Derrick or I put it on it is over. She is alert and ready to go and is determined to not be left behind. And when we do leave her behind on occasion, we and our neighbors hear about it.

I took this picture of her last night. We were on the UNC turf fields so we couldn't let her off leash to play before the game. I was there watching Derrick in his final men's league game and she was tuned into the game. She sat at the end of her leash, just like this, and watch every pass. She could find Derrick in the mass of players and would get extra excited if she saw him on our end of the field. When she couldn't stand it anymore she would pace back and forth whining and pleading to get out on the field. We have seriously created a monster.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Life Adventures

Derrick and I have been busy recently but not with a ton of lengthy blog worthy activities so here is a random life dump and photo dump of some of the happenings in our lives recently.

A few weekends ago I went with Nikki, her mom, and Somer to a wedding show to scout out vendors for Nikki's wedding. It was a really fun girls day and we got to eat lots of delicious food samples and cake samples! Nikki met several good vendors she has been following up with so I'd call it a successful day!

Derrick and I went to a surprise party for our friend Kurt. He and his wife just had their second kid back in May and I don't think he was expecting to get away for an entire evening. Some other frisbee people came it was really awesome to catch up with Kurt. My camera didn't exactly capture the moment.

Derrick and I decided to celebrate his new job in style but we wanted to wait until he had his first paycheck :) So last Wednesday night we headed over to the Angus Barn. Neither of us had ever been there and it was definitely a neat experience. The food was great but the inside was nothing like I had expected. I don't know why...it's called a barn! It was a really fun, fancy date night and I'm really glad we went.

Oh, and I made Derrick pose for a First Day at Microsoft picture with his badge. If he stays with Microsoft for a long time I thought it would be fun to look back and see how he started. He humored me. He's a good husband.

I had two closings this week! One on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. It was a little stressful at the end of last week and early this week but both transactions closed and both of my clients are happy. I stopped by to visit my Tuesday closing at her house and took her an Adirondack chair as a closing gift and a mosquito candle because they are bad in her new backyard. It was so great to see her happy. At my Wednesday closing I gave my client a Duke University banner. The seller had one hanging in the house and took it with her and he had been eyeing it. He loved it! I also got incredible compliments from both my client and the other agent at that closing. The other agent is trying to recruit me to Fonville Morisey! It was definitely a good day :)

While Derrick, Jack, and I were at Chesapeake last weekend Mom and Dad stayed at our apartment in Raleigh. When we got back we had a little gift on our kitchen table. Mom and Dad had gotten me some storage containers for my china! My Grandma gave me her china as a wedding gift and since she passed away last December it means more to me then ever. It was just stored in a cardboard box up to this point so I'm glad it finally has a more appropriate storage container.

Isn't it so pretty and classic?

 Here it is all packaged up.

And just because no post is as good without a picture of Crosby, here she is showing off her newly acquired creepy smile:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Chesapeake Invite

This past weekend Raleighwood headed to the Chesapeake Invite ultimate tournament in Leesburg, VA. I was in a class for most of the day and Derrick had to work so we didn't hit the road until about 5 PM and didn't get to our hotel until about 10:30. This meant an 8:30 start time was brutal! We had to be at the fields around 7:45 the next morning so we were up at 7:00 and heading that way.

I unfortunately sprained my ankle on Thursday in our soccer match so I was really worried about playing. It wasn't nearly as bad as my sprains in the past so I had the trainer tape it up and played through it. It was a little sore but not enough to keep me off the field.

Our first game was against Muff' n Men, the 4th seed in our pool. We were the third seed. Muff n' Men came out playing well and we came out playing poorly and we paid for it. I really think we had the ability to win that game but our slow start caught up with us and Muff'n Men won. We lost our second game to the number 1 seed but it was a good game and we were finally playing up to our potential.

Jack was pretty wiped out after our first game.

That first game against Muff'n Men ended up screwing up our placing. Even though we beat the 2nd seeded team in the pool it came down to point differential and we ended up just missing out on the championship bracket. After our first two games we won out though so we ended up winning our last 5 straight games and taking home 5th.  I really think that if we had come out stronger in that first game and beat Muff'n Men we would have been in the finals. Ahh well.

I love being able to play ultimate with Derrick. It's our thing. And it's been really fun to have Jack on the team. I know it's brought Jack and I closer together and I think it's brought Derrick and Jack closer as well.

Jack is a cutter. He usually cuts deep and catches it in the endzone. I set up a play for him this weekend to go deep and it didn't work out so he ended up cutting in and catching the disc so I cut deep for him and he hucked it to me. It was awesome!

Here's a picture of the whole team looking great in our greens.

And while we were away Crosby was hanging out with her BFF Lucy. When Courtney and Jeff sent us this picture we couldn't believe it. Crosby is not usually a lover but apparently Lucy has turned her.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Derrick Marcey AKA Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan is the captain of Team USA soccer team. He better watch his back because Derrick scored all of our 4 goals this past week at soccer! I have to keep from cheering really loud when we're beating the other team 4-0...it's tough though!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Kristin's Engaged!

Kristin and Brian are engaged!!

Kristin and I have been friends since first grade. We realized we were destined to be friends forever when we checked out the same book from the library and we were wearing the same outfit all in the same day. Seriously...that was all it took and we were linked at the hip.

Fast forward 20 years and Kristin honored me by being one of my bridesmaids and then this past weekend at her engagement party she asked if I would be one of her bridesmaids! I am SO excited!! Her engagement party was fantastic and Derrick and I had such a good time. I can't wait until September 20, 2014!

Kristin made this adorable banner for their save the dates. There engagement pictures are early October and I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Here are Brian and Kristin practicing for their cake cutting.

Kristin looked gorgeous as always.

And my other bride to be :)

I like this one of the Bride and Groom and their moms.

Derrick was there too. Here's proof:

Kristin asked her bridesmaids to be in the wedding with the most adorable little gift. She took mason jars and put a picture inside along with nail polish in her wedding color, little color samples of her wedding, a woodsy smelling candle (because it will be a mountain wedding), a shot of fire whisky which is going to be the signature shot at their wedding and a sweet note asking us to be her bridesmaid. I loved it!

Here's a close-up of mine. We were six looking through the tire swing in my backyard.

I am so honored and excited to be in the wedding! Derrick and I have a busy fall next year and we can't wait! Wedding season will kick off for us on July 19 and go until October 25. Two of them are my best friends and two are Derrick's so it's sure to be lots of weekend fun in preparation. I love weddings and cannot wait!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Lame Post of the Year

Seriously...who blogs about a can opener?

Well, I'm going to anyway, even if it's lame :) I was really mad when I almost couldn't make dinner on Wednesday night because our can opener would not open the can. Wouldn't even come close. I'd spin the little handle and it wouldn't even move around the can. It wouldn't even punch holes into the top of the can. We got this thing for our wedding 1 year and 3 months ago and it was already done. I do not recommend the kitchen aide can opener. I've already written a sassy review on the target website.

I do however recommend this guy:

I insisted that Derrick jump on Amazon Wednesday night and get us a new can opener ASAP and I remembered that Nikki had this one and it worked well. It had great reviews and was on our doorstep when I got home today. I've already used it and it's great! Check out this view. That little circle with the red thing around it is a magnet that catches the lid of the can and then you just pop it off the magnet with that red lever into the trashcan. Brilliant!

So yeah.... that was kind of boring. Maybe you should all get one and justify my enthusiasm!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Real Estate Blunder

The most embarrassing thing happened at one of my recent inspections! It's even taken me a while to blog about it! Thank goodness there was only one other person there.  Anyways, I was at a home inspection for one of my buyers who was buying this adorable house. 

I was just sitting at the kitchen getting some work done while the inspector was doing his thing. Luckily I've used this inspector before and he has come to expect a little bit of ridiculousness from me.  Well, I was sitting there working on my iPad and twisted back in the chair and all of the sudden I was on the floor! I broke the sellers chair and was just sitting on the floor! 

The inspector came running in and I was just bright red trying to fix this chair. Thank goodness it was one of those farm table style chairs and the rungs between each of the legs had just popped apart. Nothing had cracked and I was able to put it all back together. I ended up setting the chair in the middle of the living room and putting a note on it apologizing for breaking their chair and offering to bring some gorilla glue over later!

The seller called later and was just as embarrassed as I was that the chair had broken underneath me. Apparently they put that chair on the far side of the kitchen table because no one ever sits there and it has a tendency to break. I met them later at closing and we all had a laugh over it but I still felt so bad. Especially when I found out they threw that entire dining set away and got a new one after the incident.

Never a dull moment...seriously. Derrick asks me if I'm a real person at least once a week.