Monday, July 28, 2014

Workout Weekend

My neck huuuuuuuurts. And my shoulders huuuuuuurt. And my back huuuuuuuurts. I'm so soooooooore.

Ok, enough whining. I finally got off the couch and crammed all of the lack of workouts I've been doing for the last couple weeks into this past weekend. Four summer league games, one frisbee practice in 93 degree heat and high humidity, and a round of rock climbing to top it all off.

Feels good to be sore!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


The weekend after Kristin got married in Boone, we were in Winston for Alexander and Holly's wedding. Derrick was the best man so we got to go to the rehearsal dinner! One of my favorite parts about being in a wedding or Derrick being in a wedding is being invited to the rehearsal dinner. It's typically delicious food and I love hearing the toasts and seeing the behind the scenes stuff.

The rehearsal was great and went off without a hitch. I loved the little church they chose for the ceremony.

Check out Holly's bouquet! Here Mom made all of the paper flowers in her bouquet and her bridesmaid's bouquets and made a gigantic version for her to carry at the rehearsal. I LOVED it!


I loved their camera idea. Videographers are expensive! Derrick and I didn't have one at our wedding and sometimes I wish we had some video coverage of the wedding. Alexander and Holly decided to buy a video camera and pass it among the groomsmen to record the wedding. They get footage from the perspective of the guests and also get to keep a camera afterwards! Such a great idea. I'm sure they are looking forward to finding this footage:

Check out this groom's cake! It's an x-box and it says "Achievement Unlocked: Lifetime of Wedding Bliss."  Isn't it an amazing cake? Holly surprised Alexander..he didn't know about it and it was really cool to see how much he liked it.

Alexander loves Italy so dessert was Gelato!!!!

The next day was wedding day! The groomsmen got ready at Michael's house and Rebecca and I sent them off and then we started getting ready. Note to self: Do not try to curl your own hair for the first time ever right before a wedding.  I totally charred a section of my hair. It was kinked up and crunchy....oops! Luckily it was a back section so I don't think anyone could tell.

The wedding was perfect!! I don't think a single thing went wrong and Holly looked gorgeous! Do you see her bouquet?? Her mom MADE that, out of PAPER! I was so impressed. Don't they look so happy to be married :)

The reception was at a private club on the 19th floor of a downtown building. It was so cool. There was a wall of windows that looked out over the city. I loved all of the personal touches. They recorded their own version of the Mario Kart Love song for their first dance. Holly and her dad choreographed a dance routine for their father daughter dance that I could have watched all night. There was mountain dew on tap and a mashed potato bar! I had such a blast at this reception!

After the reception a group of us went downtown to Foothills Brewery to get some more hangout time. Holly and Alexander came as well and she had another awesome dress on! If you have never tried a thin mint martini, GO. Stop reading and go get one. Delicious!!! And dangerous...


I give this wedding an A+

Two down for the summer and two more to go :)

Monday, July 21, 2014


Derrick and I have been at wedding central the past two weekends! On July 12 one of my best friends since 1st grade got married. That's 21 years!! I was so honored when she asked me to be a bridesmaid and two weeks ago I couldn't be prouder to stand next to her at her wedding.

The wedding was at the gorgeous Crestwood  spa and resort in Boone, NC. The location was absolutely stunning. A mountain backdrop and twinkly lights over the courtyard. Just wait til you see these photos!

Derrick and I drove to Hickory on Thursday evening so Derrick could have most of the day Friday to work remotely. I was so excited to be home to see Nikki and meet her newest addition to the family. We walked the pups early Friday morning before heading up the mountain for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

 Seriously? Can you even believe this backdrop? You can see the chairs starting to be set up in the lawn. That is where they got married...insane!


 Bridesmaids gifts! She spoiled us with a bottle of wine, a necklace I have worn everyday since, and a gorgeous leather Michael Khors purse!

After hanging out late into the night we were up bright and early for hair!

Maid of honor getting dolled up! Amy did such an awesome job as maid of honor.

The little details that Kristin managed to pull off all over the place were awesome. I snuck down before the wedding began and snapped some photos of everything so Kristin could see how it was all coming together.


About an hour and a half before the wedding the grey clouds rolling in gave in to the rain. Kristin was off on her first look and we were all pacing the room and watching the radar. They took all the table clothes and centerpieces off the tables and turned all the chairs up. Luckily it was a quick storm and by the time of the wedding the temperature had dropped and the skies were blue. Perfect!!

This is the picture that revealed Derrick is half giant.

They had a S'mores bar! And MILK!!!!!!

Kristin was a gorgeous bride! Not to mention so laid back. She has 0% bridezilla in her.

I realized I don't have a picture of the bride and groom. It's hard to take lots of pictures when you're in the wedding :) I stole one from her facebook though! Aren't they stunning? They are currently relaxing in Antigua enjoying their honeymoon. Kristin and Brian, thank you so much for including me in your day! It was perfect and I was honored to be a part of it. Love you for at least 21 more years :)