Friday, October 31, 2014

Things are Happening!

I'm so excited to have some projects getting wrapped up around here! There are still plenty that are in limbo and many more in the works but I'm happy to check two things off our long list! The pantry is done!!! 

Here's where we started. It looks fine but it did not smell fine! The smell is really what drove this project and we just decided to have some fun while we were at it. 

Paint samples are my new favorite thing! Lowes will make you a sample pot of any color for only $3 and they are actually pretty big! I have the entire pot left because I just used the extra on the top of the cap to paint these two samples swatches. We tried out coral and yellow. I was totally digging the coral but my mom made a good point that a lot of our food is red so it might not pop. I bought it and we went with yellow.

Then we live like this for a week. like this for a week and you will never take your pantry for granted. I was singing when we finally got our countertops back!

Derrick took out all the shelves for me while I was out with my Mom shopping one Saturday. He's a gem. I started taping off all the little clips but taping took forever so I nixed that idea and decided to free hand it. The paint job is not perfect but it's a pantry and it's filled with stuff so you can't see any imperfections! We started with a coat of Kilz primer to get rid of the smell and then did two coats of yellow.

And the big reveal! Actually, it's pretty anti-climactic but the smell is gone!!! I love the pop of color when we open it and I'm happy with the choice of yellow. This is the first painting project we've taken on in the new house and I am glad we started small. It was a good place to get our confidence up and a good start to the fun, comfortable feeling we're going for in the house.

The second big thing that happened was Derrick bought me a living room rug!!! I have been looking and looking. Online, in stores, at the furniture market. I wanted one that would look OK with the wall color downstairs, not too dark because of the dark floors, and couch, and something that I hadn't seen before. I finally found one that I liked and asked Derrick if he liked it. While I was hemming and hawing over it he just reached over and hit the order button :)  When it came yesterday I was a little skeptical. It's a 7.6" x 9.6" rug but it looked tiny in the roll! I was worried it was going to be this flimsy, thin thing that was wrinkly and just wouldn't work.

I was pleasantly surprised :) It is thinner then I originally wanted but I found that thick cushy rugs didn't have as much pattern or the pattern looked messy. I think a rug pad underneath it will do wonders and keep it laying nice and flat.

Isn't it so fun? And it's super soft. It's even better in person!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

#Schwoochwedding Day

The wedding day was perfect! Nikki and Justin could not have chosen a better day. The weather was the perfect warm fall day. Cool enough so you weren't uncomfortable but warm enough that you didn't need a jacket. Everything went off with only a few fires to put out. Nothing that any guests would have noticed. The personal touches were just perfect and the bride and groom even surprised everybody with a perfected Lindy-Hop that they had been working on for months. Click here to watch it. I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking again so enjoy these snapshots from the day!

The head table.

Adorable homemade name cards. These were a huge hit!

Father of the bride selfie!

So happy to have Claire and Travis in town for the wedding. This is the first time we've seen them since their move north.

Favorite photo of the night! Just missing Derrick who was off driving golf carts and Jay who was in Chicago for class.

I wish I had gotten more photos of the bride and groom but there will be plenty of those when their professional photos get posted.

I slept for a long time after this wedding. I think that means we did it right. Congrats Nikki and Justin! Love you forever!

Oh, I also love this colorful picture of the bouquets hanging upside down to dry on my drive home Sunday :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#SchwoochWedding Rehearsal Dinner

Nikki and Justin are married!!! And I may have to do a couple posts to get it all in. It was the most perfect wedding weekend and I am so thrilled that it was perfect for them. I've been a bridesmaid in several weddings but I didn't realize how different it is to be the Matron of Honor. I was running around all day Friday and Saturday and I LOVED it! I'm so honored that Nikki asked me to be a part of their big day. I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves because there are a ton of them. Here are some pictures from the rehearsal dinner.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scwooch Wedding Weekend!

The tables have turned!

Nikki and Justin are finally getting married this weekend! After a year and a half of planning the weekend is finally here and I cannot be more excited for them! Nikki was my maid of honor and I will be standing next to her as her matron of honor on Saturday.

From the engagement party

To the venue hunt

To the Bridal Showers in Hickory and Thomasville

To the bachelorette party


It's all come down to this weekend and it's going to be perfect!! Nikki is so deserving of the perfect wedding and everybody is so excited to celebrate her and Justin!

Here's to the soon to be Gooch's!