Monday, October 31, 2016

Crosby Ledecky

Happy Halloween from Katie Ledecky!

Stay safe tonight and have fun, whatever you're doing! Derrick and I are going to dress up as good Americans and get our vote on!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Such is LIFE

Derrick destroyed me at LIFE last night. 

He kept landing on spaces like this. 

While I bounced from one pay day to the next getting life saving surgery.

Derrick won by over 1.2 million dollars! I had no kids, and only 4 life experiences. One of them was climbing Mt. Everest so that counts for something I suppose. is it 2016 and that spinner still doesn't work right?? Come on LIFE!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekend Rush

Work has really been picking up again! You can probably tell because blogging has slowed down and that's always how it goes. I'm happy to be busy though and I'm really enjoying the people I'm working with!

This past weekend Derrick took off on a guys weekend to the beach and I stayed home to participate in a coaching clinic in Durham. The clinic was really good and I learned a lot about handling our team, managing logistics, and breaking down coaching concepts. If anyone in the area is thinking about coaching a youth team, or even if you haven't thought about it before, I would totally recommend it. Derrick and I enjoy it so much and have really grown to love and care about our kids. This sounds so corny but their successes really are ours and it's so rewarding to see them get better!

Plus, if you take the coaching clinic, you get a sweet disc bag!

After the clinic I drove to Hickory for a super quick visit with Mom, Dad, and Jay. Dad's birthday is Thursday so "the originals", aka Jay and I, drove down to get some family time in. We did a lot of relaxing, eating, and talking with no real agenda. It was fantastic and I'm so glad I could make it down!

This week is looking like more work, maybe some pickleball, and a high school tournament this weekend! It's gonna be busy!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thrift Store Light

You guuuuuys!!!

I had some time to kill in between showings yesterday so popped into a thrift store. I wasn't looking for anything specific but I found what I hope will be awesome!

It's awful right? But...I saw the round globes and it's completely on trend with today. I think and I hope that it just needs a little freshening up and maybe some edison bulbs.

See what I'm envisioning? This one is $419 at Shades of Light. It's almost exactly like mine...except for the price tag.

I think I'll probably spray mine oil rubbed bronze and I may need to replace one of the globes if I can't clean it. Mine was $3.50 so I think there is room in the budget to tweak it a bit and still beat the $419 look-a-like :)

Our upstairs hall bathroom light has been freaking out on us....I don't know if it's the switch or the light fixtures. I should probably put this one there but I think I'll actually put it in the half bathroom downstairs because, in my head, it's going to be amazing and I want it where I will see it most.

Cross your fingers and toes for me! I'll let you know how it turns out!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Recent Happenings

Derrick and I have been busy, as always, but not in a really blog-able way so this post is just a random round-up of our past week!

Last weekend Derrick and Jay had a brother-in-law date. A friend of ours, who lives in DC, was doing a puzzle race through DC and invited us along. I had other plans for the weekend so Derrick invited Jay and they had a blast!

Paul and Derrick played ultimate at State together.

They raced and puzzled from 10 AM until 6 PM and came in 15th out of 27. This is amazing! A lot of their competitors do these types of things all the time so they crushed it as newbies.

While Derrick was doing that, I was hosting 7 of Jack's teammates at our house and watching their games with Alison.

Two of my freshman from Green Hope ended up coming out to watch on Saturday and I was so excited!! I hope they learned a lot by watching. In the very least, they learned how to throw a scoober from Alison.

It's been laundry day today. Here's what 7 beds worth of sheets look like.

In other recent fun, I got to hang out with my best bud Avery at a house showing and she made my day!

And how cute is this lego Mr. Wuf! I'm thinking about who might get this for Christmas this year because it's adorable and I know a few little kids who would probably flip out over it.

We've got other trips and tournaments coming up so we're staying as busy as ever. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hurricane Survival

The Marcey household survived the hurricane without a blip in the power. I know a lot of people are still out of power in the area so hit us up if you need a warm shower or internet access!

The hurricane actually brought on three written offers and 6 house showings for me. It was a busy and very wet day. I showed houses in dress pants and chacos and everybody else we ran into that day looked just as haggard as we did.

Sunday was gorgeous! Beautiful!! Picture perfect! The hurricane blew all of the clouds away and it was 70 degrees and clear blue skies. We played pickleball with a group of friends in the afternoon and then Derrick found us a new escape room in Raleigh. We had a few critiques of the room but overall it was pretty well done and definitely a good date night. Team Raleighwood!!

Look how happy I looked! If only I'd know that I was about 45 minutes away from getting hit with food poisoning.

Not my finest 4 hours but I'm thankful that Derrick was there to hold my hair and tuck me in....over and over and over again. I was still moving pretty slow on Monday but I'm feeling back to myself today and very happy about that. I don't get sick often but apparently I make it count when I do!

I hope you all escaped the hurricane without too much damage and had a nice, beautiful Sunday!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Teeny Tiny Hydrangeas

Our house backs up to woods and, besides the increased spider population, it's totally awesome. Private, quiet, and the perfect dumping ground for any weeds or yard waste we end up with. Our backyard is also totally not landscaped and, besides mowing it, we leave it to its own devices. 

Until I decided I wanted hydrangeas lining the back of our woods. I think it will be so pretty and I can't wait to be able to bring them into the house after they bloom.

Here's what we're working with. 

This area on the left side of the yard was my main target for now. I figured I'd see if they lasted before I invested in more. They are supposed to be pretty hardy but if anyone can kill them, it's me.

I went to the nursery and hydrangeas were $40 a piece! For after-season, dying-blooms, hydrangeas! And I wanted four. So...I took a risk and ordered some on amazon for $15 each and these showed up on my doorstep a few days later.

I used Derrick's prime account so I got a text questioning my sanity after I made the purchase but I figured it was a risk worth taking for a savings of over $100. They aren't going to bloom until next year anyway so they have all winter to freeze up and die flourish and grow!

I laughed out loud when I was done planting them.

You can't even see them! They make zero impact right now. They are TINY!

We shall see if they grow into the 5-6 foot wide bushes the tag promises.

In other fiber made one more step closer to our home today! That means these blog posts will get posted even faster!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Couchity Couch Couch!

We got a new couch and it's beautiful and I love it!

Our downstairs couch was a hand-me-down from my parents and it has been great for us over the last several years. It's super comfortable and soft but it was making the room feel really dark and heavy.

My parents also gave us another hand-me-down leather couch that was upstairs in the superbowl room. The upstairs couch went to our friend's Nikki and Justin and the downstairs couch is now living upstairs in the superbowl room. All to make room for our new couch that I love so much!

When we first started looking around for a new couch it was surprising how expensive they were. We knew we wanted one that would look really good but also that would last a really long time and we knew it would be an investment. The prices were still surprising though. Then I stumbled across Interior Define.  You basically design your own couch and they hand make it directly from your order. We picked the fabric, the legs, and the shape. The reviews are amazing and they have guarantees that make ordering a couch sight-unseen a little less scary. Best thing...the prices are very good compared to other traditional custom couch places.

Also, white glove delivery is free! Most places tack on an extra $150 for white glove delivery but they include everything. It took just over 8 weeks and then we saw this glorious sight.

It's not in the delivery guy's job description to move other furniture but I offered them cash to move the downstairs couch upstairs. Derrick and I both believe this was money well spent and they were happy to do it for us.

The couch came in a cardboard box. Once out of the box it was completely wrapped in a canvas bag.

Under the canvas bag it was totally bubble wrapped and all of the edges were protected with cardboard. I was dancing around fist pumping the entire time they were unpacking it. You think I'm joking...

OMG...first glimpses of the fabric! I had a 4 inch by 6 inch swatch to look at when picking the fabric so I was most nervous that I wouldn't like what I picked. Turns out it was just as beautiful in person as it was in my head.

Interior Define has a lot of different legs to choose from but I was immediately drawn to these brass T-legs. I asked them to drill holes for future replacement just in case I ever changed my mind and they were happy to for no extra charge. I can order new legs from them if we ever get tired of these but I'm totally thrilled with them so I think we'll be keeping them for a very long time. it is!!!

It makes our living room feel so fancy!

The only surprise I've found out about it is the depth of the seat. My mom warned me to check the seat depths while we were couch shopping and I thought I did. It's technically the same depth as the one upstairs but the back cushions are much thinner. This makes the actual seat feel deeper. Derrick has no problems with it but if I sit straight up with my back against the cushions, my feet don't touch the ground. If I were to re-design I might make it an eensy bit narrower in the seat but I'm actually a more curl up on the couch type of person so it hasn't bothered me at all. Plus..who sits straight up on a couch? Not me! It also means there is a lot more room for napping and Derrick can fit end to end without his head or feet touching the arms.

I really love how it looks with our purple chair. It makes all of the other colors in the living room pop.

I hope you love it! We do! Derrick even says he can tell a big difference with how the whole living room feels and looks so I'm glad he thinks it was worth it to buy. He goes along with my big ideas but sometimes doesn't see the vision in my head until it's done. I'm thankful he's so trusting!