Thursday, July 6, 2017

July Fourth!!!

I was in Hickory for a few days over the fourth of July. Derrick had to stay behind for work which is always a bummer but it was nice to get home and hang with family for a while. My parents just got a new jet ski and Dad perfected Crosby's ramp so we got a ton of lake time which was awesome. 

Before I got there Mom grabbed this picture of Dad and Jack towing the jet ski home. It sucked up a rope while dad was riding it and stranded him a mile down the road....not a great start but a good story :)

When I got there I suited up and jumped right in the water. Crosby got to try the ramp that Dad made her for Christmas for the first time. It was a learning process but she really caught on pretty quickly.

When we woke up on Tuesday morning Dad and I worked on the ramp for a few more hours to add buoyancy and support.

Here's a video of her using it! It took some training to get her to use it both up and down but she loved it and it wore her out!

On the fourth the family came over for a cookout and fireworks.

On the baby front, everybody got to feel Furnace move over the weekend and we did some glider shopping! The family is very excited which makes the whole thing even more exciting. It's crazy to think he'll be 7 or 8 months old next July 4!

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