Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nursery Progress

We have started nursery progress and it feels great to have some of the more tedious  parts of the makeover done. We decided on the pink room because it gets the best natural light and it's on the opposite side of the house from the TVs and entertaining rooms. It's looked like this for the past 3 with a bed and a couple nightstands. It worked perfectly for an extra sleeping spot and we never bothered to paint it assuming it would get turned into a nursery someday anyway. 

The closet is a pretty basic wall closet with one long shelf across the top so we decided to see what we could do to maximize that space as well. The long, high bar doesn't bode well for a small kid hopefully putting his own clothes away one day.

Boy or girl the room was going to get painted. We went with a light grey called Fog and it has the slightest blue tint that I think will work well with the crib. For the closet, we decided to have a little fun and picked a subtle lime green called Lettuce Alone.

Here's the room as it currently stands. That's the crib in the box on the right. 


I think it turned out great and I like that it's a little more light than our other grey rooms. It feels more nursery to me. 

And here is the closet! We explored some of those fancy Elfa built-in systems for closets but they were several hundred dollars before installation. Not something we wanted to spend that much dough on. While at Lowes this past week I saw a flash sale on the rubbermaid closet system for our size closet so for only $89 plus the cost of two drawers we got this whole system. 

It was really easy to install and customize and Alison helped me with the layout and install. It was a tad tedious but I LOVE it and I'm really excited to have a more functional closet.

The crib and dresser are here in boxes and some of the art has arrived as well. Now that the bones of the room are ready I think the rest is going to come together pretty quickly. Good thing too because we're down to 4 months before go-time. 

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