Friday, June 16, 2017

Fun Friday

Lots of random updates today. First off, HUGE news in the Marcey household. No...I'm not pregnant again, this is even bigger. Our fridge has water! Ever since we moved in we've had a trickle out of our in-door fridge water. You can stand there for 5 minutes and get half a glass if you're lucky.  We've gotten used to tap water and it's fine but when our ice maker died a couple weeks ago we had the appliance guys out to fix both. Best $$ I've ever spent! I love having fridge water!!

Week 20 is here! We are halfway through this pregnancy and that makes it feel really real. We've been feeling him a lot this week and I'm hopeful Derrick will get to feel him more consistently soon. He's still hit or miss on whether or not he can feel him but my stomach moved on it's own a couple nights ago so he's definitely getting stronger.

Here, I look bigger without legs and you can read the sign better. I realize that sign is kind of hard to see.....the hashtag is #whoawere1/2waythere . We'll have to try to zoom that in for future weeks.

Next update, this is a pretty awesome article by our friend Hart Matthews on ultiworld. It's about his perspective on nationals and he gave a nice little shout out to Jack, and me! I had goosebumps reading the entire thing.

Finally, I started nesting a little backwards but it's definitely happening I think. I woke up yesterday with an empty calendar and decided to give the yellow room a one-day makeover. The yellow room is our least used room and should be pretty low on the priority list. We decided that instead of losing a guest bed we'd just put two beds in the yellow room. You'd be amazed how often all three guestbeds are full and we figured, with Furnace on the way, we needed room to sleep family when they came to visit.

Here's a picture on moving day. It's a bright yellow but the room only has one window so it doesn't get much light and the light fixture shade is also dark. It evolved to have a bed and nightstands but was also mostly storage.

I had no intention of touching this room until it needed to house #2 but yesterday it got a makeover on a whim.  We moved the pink room bed into here and rotated both beds against the back wall with a nightstand in between. Everything got a coat of Rocky Bluffs which is the same color in our dining room and I got matching bedding for both beds.

There is no art on the walls and that may or may not change but it's a much better second guest room then the yellow with mismatched bedding was. In my head, this had to come before we could move out of the pink room which will be the it counts as nesting I think.

Next up, nursery, hall bathroom, and craft room. The craft room just needs to get safe because it's currently a death trap. The bathroom has really only ever been used for Crosby baths so I just want to freshen that up and, if I can do the yellow room in a day I feel like the bathroom will be easy.

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