Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dining Room Update

The dining room got a bit of a spruce up in the past month. There is a matching hutch for the dining room table that we've discussed bringing up but I've always been more of a fan of the gathered over time look then the matching set look so I've been casually looking for something to add storage to the back wall. With Furnace on the way....have I mentioned that's what we call the baby?...I knew we needed to clear out some cabinet space to make room for baby stuff so I started looking a bit harder. 

I found these gorgeous cabinets at Target! I don't always trust Target furniture but they were pretty, sturdy, and had great reviews! I bought two to go side by side and I love how they look. 

Ignore the giant 5000 piece puzzle on the dining room table....we recently finished it up so it's in the glory stage where we leave it up for a few weeks and admire our hard work.

For above the shelf I threw together a really quick photo ledge with some nice scrap wood I had.  The wood is really pretty so I chose to keep the ledge narrower and have the thicker piece visible on the made it tougher to lean photos and find things for the ledge but I still really like the look.

For now, most of the art is stuff I had on hand like that Wowza print is a notecard and that horse drawing is one of mine I did in highschool. The only thing I ordered was the "you can't sit with us" print that I thought was hilarious for a dining room. Mean Girls anyone?

Furnace even made an appearance for now. I want something that kind of falls off that side of the shelf so he's probably just a placeholder for now but I like seeing him up there.

The best part is my Grandma's china finally has a place to shine along with all of the other fancy things we don't use.

I'm loving the update and the cabinets although they have a pretty weird smell. I've left the doors open to help them air out and lose that factory finish that I think we're smelling. Next up is the nursery. Derrick and I have paint samples on the wall and we're starting the clear-out process tonight.

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