Thursday, July 13, 2017

24 Weeks

Furnace hit 24 weeks yesterday and we forgot to take a bump shot...again. We'll try to snag one tonight but I'm not making any promises!

I'm still feeling relatively good but my lower back is definitely starting to ache and I'm having a lot of rib pain. Furnace seems to settle into my upper right side and it gets really uncomfortable, especially if I'm sitting for more than 30 minutes or so. It's been happening since Memorial Day but I just figured out what I think it is.

At 24 weeks he's the size of a cantelope or an American Puffin! In other words, he's gigantic and is apparently looking more human. We can only hope.

The crib and dresser are up and looking good! The crib is held together with 8 bolts...that's it! It seems sturdy but it was unnervingly easy to assemble. Derrick and I have nominated Furnace to weight test it for us. Let's hope it holds ;)

I did not think we'd end up with a matching furniture set..I like the more eclectic look but, when we decided on a navy blue crib I thought it would look better for them to be the same navy.

We got the smaller dresser chest and it's the perfect size. It was also fairly easy to assemble and is very sturdy. We still need to anchor it to the wall but we're going to wait until we get more in here to make sure everything is in position before anchoring the dresser and hanging the mobile.

We've already gotten some great hand me downs and I still have to restrain myself in the baby clothes section but I did grab this outfit off of a buy sell trade listing on Facebook. It was only $5 for the set and is totally adorable!

And I don't think I've posted these pillows that Alison made for us yet. Look at that custom Raleighwood fabric! The symbols are kind of an inside joke, or would take too long to explain on here but they are PERFECT and we love them!

Slowly but surely we're getting ready. I've cleaned out the kitchen and garage and I'm slowly taking piles of stuff to goodwill. The nursery has a ways to go but should come together quickly once we figure out art and the glider situation. 

Three and a half months! He'll be here before we know it!

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