Monday, November 24, 2014

Thirty Years of Love!

Today marks my Mom and Dad's 30th Anniversary! Thirty Years! I can't even wrap my head around 30 years because I haven't been alive that long. So, I looked up a few things that were also turning 30 this year to help give me a little perspective :)

1. The Chicken McNugget: Those gross little processed bites are also 30. Congrats McNugget!
2. The Moonwalk: People have been gliding backwards for 30 years!
3. Plinko: Who doesn't love Plinko! You go Plinko, 30 years!
4. The American Mini Van: I've heard that once you get one it's hard to go back!
5. Mario Brothers: What?? Mario and Luigi turn 30 this year too?
6. Hooters: 30 years of delicious food.  They go there for the food ladies, don't worry.
7. AOL: Not really sure what that is anymore
8. The Disney Channel: Yep, our childhood was founded 30 years ago!
9. The Reading Rainbow: Take a Look--It's in a book!
10. Microsoft Word: That little paperclip with eyeballs turns 30, Congratulations paperclip!

Add the marriage of Todd and Suzanne to that list and you have a complete list there.

I think it is such an incredible achievement but also such a testament to their love for each other and their their devotion to our family. My parents are a huge example of what I want in a marriage and I think they are the reason I was so picky when deciding who to date. Derrick is the only guy I ever seriously dated and one of the reasons is he was the only one I could see having a marriage like my parent's with. Growing up it was not uncommon for me to walk into the kitchen and see them kissing, or for them to be cuddled up on the same chair during a family movie night. Mom and Dad never fail to speak positively about each other and they have always made sure we know how much they love each other. They have paved the path that I think all three of us kids want for our own marriages.

Congratulations and Thank You Mom and Dad! Here's to 30 more!

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Todd and Suzanne! Congratulations and wishing you many, many more happy years!