Friday, May 25, 2018


I think this blog is going to be making a come back! Optimistically two times a week...realistically once a week. This is because Drake started daycare this week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was a decision that Derrick and I just made last week and everything fell in to place quicker than we expected but I think it's going to be really good for him and very good for me.

As I've been "cutting back" in my business my listing business has picked way up. It's great and it's work I can more easily do on my own schedule but it means I had a few nights last week where I was with Drake from 6 AM to 5 PM then in the car and at appointments from 5-9:30/10. They were long days and I was tired. Along with that I haven't had a haircut since before Drake was born and I haven't had any personal time in a very long time. It's not at all for Derrick's lack of trying to offer it to me but, with feeding issues and our generally busy lives, it's just how it's worked out. Derrick was the one who suggested daycare and by the end of the night I had talked myself into it.

We toured a place last Friday that could get him started mid-July but we both walked away from it not feeling great about it. It has great reviews online and is probably a great option for some but my biggest goal was to find a place where Drake would get some social interaction with kids but still some quality time and attention from the teacher. This place felt a bit like Drake would be lost in the crowd.

On Monday we toured another one and Derrick and I both walked away with very positive feelings and we had him enrolled by the end of the day. They just happened to have a part-time opening, unusual for the infant room, and we loved the teacher and bright atmosphere of the school. The teacher/kid ratio was right in line with what we wanted and it just felt right. They were able to start him right away and Derrick and I decided it wasn't going to get any easier so we went for it.

Monday night was hard. I was getting his things together and my anxiety was high. My biggest fear was he was going to feel abandoned. He is very attached to me and I hated the idea of him seeing me walk away and leave him there. Tuesday morning at drop-off was also pretty hard but I think the teacher is used to seeing teary eyed moms and she was great. Even better, Drake got right to playing and there were no tears when I left. I called throughout the day and his teacher said he did great. When Derrick and I picked him up Tuesday afternoon the teacher had Drake and his new friend both on her lap playing away. It was very sweet and confirmed it was the right decision.

So now, I have two whole days a week to run errands, meet with clients, get work done, and cut my hair! My list was so long on Thursday I still didn't get it done and I imagine that's how it'll look every Tuesday/Thursday. It's amazing how much more efficient I am now that I'm a mom though!

I have a lot to catch up on here on the blog. Drake is trying to crawl, starting solids, sleeping through the night, playing peek-a-boo and just overall doing so well! Hopefully I can get back into a routine here and pick back up with his updates!


  1. What a great idea for your family! The socialization at daycare can't be beat, and time for yourself is so necessary.

  2. Daycare is a great thing for both parents and children. Our baby is 2 now, and we realize daycare is a great help when it comes to how to deal with a 2-year-old boy.