Sunday, April 23, 2017

Magical Maui

We spent the first week in Hawaii on Maui and it was beautiful! It's a gorgeous island with beautiful beaches and the weather could not have been better. We spent most of the first week at a resort right on the beach and it was amazing. We did a lot of laying and reading by the pool and in the hammocks. 

The resort had all sorts of activities throughout the day including lei making one day. 

Derrick turned 30 while we were gone. I have a separate post coming about his birthday surprise but we had a nice dinner at a restaurant near the beach and he got treated to a free piece of hula pie.

The hammocks were my favorite's the epitome of Hawaii vacation in my mind.

There was a great little beach town not far from our resort called Lahaina. It had adorable shops and good food and we spent an evening there walking around and getting dinner. There was an amazing Banyan tree in front of the old courthouse in Lahaina.

Lahaina is the town where we got mom a ukulele for her birthday!

And you know Derrick and I don't go to a new city without playing an escape room! I don't think we broke the official record for this room but we got out the fastest our game leader had ever seen and without any hints. It was a really well done room with a great surprise at the end. We came back at the end of the week to complete their second room.

Derrick's birthday was one of our most fun days. I'll come back with a full post about our adventure!

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