Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tahoe Anniversary

We're back! I think I have blog posts for days, weeks even! I took so many pictures in Tahoe and in Yosemite and they are all breathtaking. Not because I'm some sort of stellar photographer. You couldn't take a bad picture in these places...everything was gorgeously amazing! That being said, get ready for some photo-heavy posts for a while.

On Sunday afternoon, after Jamie's soccer game, Derrick and I headed to Lake Tahoe. If we ever move away, it's going to be because of the West coast. It was beautiful and the weather was amazing. We joked that they only thing keeping us from never going back was the gas situation. We had a very hard time 1. paying for the gas 2. pumping the gas. It may make moving to California not worth it. We finally got a full tank though and hit the windy and steep roads to Lake Tahoe.

 We stayed in the Franciscan Lakeside Lodge. They were these adorable little cottages right on the northern beach of Lake Tahoe. Nothing fancy or over the top, but cozy, convenient, and just perfect! 

Our whole cabin was about 200 square feet and it had a little wood burning stove that heated the cabin in no time. I loved it!

We arrived mid-afternoon on Sunday so we decided to do a short vista hike on Sunday. The views were incredible!


Sorry about all of the pictures but I warned you...and seriously?? Isn't it stunning?? The pictures don't even do it justice. And if you think these views are amazing, we both unanimously agree that Yosemite was even more incredible!

I was also super excited to find these giant pine cones. In fact, there are 5 in the mail on there way across the country to me right now!  Yep, I took them back to Sacramento and paid shipping to mail them to myself. Derrick doesn't understand but I can't wait til they get here! My parents used to live in California and they had brought back several. I remember this basket full of giant pine cones next to the fireplace in our old house. I was really little when we had them so in my mind they were about the size of my head. These aren't quite that big but I'm really excited to have my own basket of giant pine cones. I always thought they were amazing when I was little so I'm sure they will be a conversation starter in our house.  I googled online and found out that you should bake them to kill all of the bugs inside them. I popped them in the oven in our cabin and promptly filled the entire place with smoke....oops! I also read that freezing them was another option so after I rescued them from the oven, I popped them in the freezer for the rest of our stay. Can't wait for them to get here!

Derrick and I also practiced rock climbing every chance we got! We had hired a guide to take us climbing in Yosemite and wanted to be on top of our game ;)

This was just Day 1! I'm telling you, I took 421 pictures on this trip. They won't all make the blog but most of them are worth it so this is going to be a long series of blog posts! Check in tomorrow for our dangerous anniversary hike through the snow! I'm glad we made it out alive!

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